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We’re just so happy to be handing out a self-created Nice Guy Award every couple of weeks or so. In fact, we would love to do it every day.

Today we’re handing one out to Pampers for their donation of $50,000 worth of diapers to Baby Buggy a non-profit organization dedicated to providing New York City’s families in need with essential equipment, clothing, and products for their infants and young children.

Pampers was the benefactor of the diaper drive/ book launch party for Today’s Moms benefiting Baby Buggy the other night which was not only a star-studded affair (complete with a red-carpet), but a very heart-warming event where party-goers arrived with their arms full of diapers for New York City families in need.

At an estimated retail value of 20 cents per diaper, we calculate that $50,000 is 250,000 diapers. Whoa!

Yay, Pampers for your generosity.

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2 Responses to “Nice Guy Award: Pampers”

  1. Melissa Apr 13 at 5:19 pm Reply Reply

    Nice going Pampers.

  2. Kim Jun 22 at 9:54 am Reply Reply

    This news is inspiring and overwhelming. As a regular mom helping a grassroots organization get diapers to needy families on the west coast, I aspire to get the giving levels that high! Hooray for Pampers!

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