How To Get Your Child Into Modeling and Then Navigate The Child Modeling Industry, With Your Sanity Still Intact



By Torrie of I Pretty Much Hate Everything

1. There’s no magic formula, but you need to be proactive.
A lot of the top agencies have open calls. Most agencies will accept submission of pictures of your child either by email or by snail mail. Check out the web sites of the following agencies:
Product Model Management
Generation Talent Agency
2. Don’t pay money. Ever.
No reputable agency will ask you for money. Not one. No, REALLY. If they do it is a scam. Run in the other direction. Fast.

3. Develop thick skin.

If you are sensitive, this is not the business for you. We know, you think your child is beautiful, but she just might not be what the company is looking for. There is a lot of rejection, and as a parent sometimes it’s hard not to take it personally. If you are going to be upset every time your child doesn’t book a job, then the child modeling industry is not for you.

4. You and your child must have a flexible schedule and attitude.

You won’t know about most auditions or photo shoots until the day before, and they might not work with your child’s schedule. Don’t be afraid to say “NO.”

5. Don’t forget- it is a business.

These companies care about one thing- their bottom line. You will be shocked and appalled by the lack of consideration for both you and your child. Oh, the stories I could tell you.
Torrie ( is mom to Willa, whom when six months old, she entered in a baby model contest on a whim. To her surprise and delight, Willa won the contest. Shortly thereafter Willa was signed by one of the world’s top modeling agencies and she and Torrie were thrust into the child modeling industry. It’s been a bumpy ride, but they’re still on it.


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2 Responses to “How To Get Your Child Into Modeling and Then Navigate The Child Modeling Industry, With Your Sanity Still Intact”

  1. Jonathan Oct 02 at 12:30 pm Reply Reply

    I have met Torrie and Willa and they are both GORGEOUS!

  2. Rachel Jan 26 at 11:42 am Reply Reply

    Of course, like any mother, I feel that my daughter is so absolutely adorable and she shines in front of the camera. I have been researching different sites but it seems that most links out there are directed to scams. How do I know that I will find a good agent to represent my baby girl? Should I just walk into these places and show her in person, or is that too up front? I am getting tired of researching….help…

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