D-REX Interactive Dinosaur



Available online here at$148.88


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5 Responses to “D-REX Interactive Dinosaur”

  1. MommaDof3 Dec 02 at 1:18 pm Reply Reply

    He better have $149 worth to say…like some investment tips.

  2. foolery Dec 02 at 2:38 pm Reply Reply

    If he talks well enough, could I claim him as a dependent?

  3. Rabbi's Wife Dec 03 at 3:49 am Reply Reply

    For $150 he’d better tell me all day long how skinny I look. And get my husband to do the dishes!

  4. mdvelazquez Dec 03 at 6:17 am Reply Reply

    For $149, I better be able to ride him and have him forecast the weather and stock market.

  5. Rachelle Jan 05 at 6:11 pm Reply Reply

    One of my nephews got one of these for Christmas, and that thing is CREEPY, yo!
    The “skin” on it’s head twitches, and it’s eyeballs flick back and forth constantly, and worst of all, it also has bad gas. It farts constantly, then emits a penetrating, awful sound that’s apparently supposed to be a giggle.
    Geh. *shudder*

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