Inauguration Day Bingo for Kids!



There’s nothing like learning about history than being right in the middle of it. I remember all kinds of things about American History because my parents took my brother and I on a three month long tour of the United States one summer. Of course breaking down in every state in a rusty old rented RV helped a lot but I remember a lot of other things too that helped me ace my sixth grade U.S. History class.

What better way to get your kids interested in politics than get them excited about the Inauguration that’s coming up this Monday, January 21st. The festivities and speeches might be a bit long for young attention spans so make it fun with some bingo card printables.

Just print them out:

Card One
Card Two
Card Three
Card Four

And a blank one in case you want to fill in your own words from Inauguration Day.

You can make circle markers with a construction paper and a paper punch or just use some checkers or even mini cookies/crackers/Cheerios! When you hear a word or spot the person or place you get to fill in a spot. You can play the game two ways: the first person to fill in a row or the entire card during the Inauguration Festivities wins!

I say pop some popcorn for the event!

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  1. Sarah Jan 17 at 11:39 am Reply Reply

    Such a fun idea, I feel like putting on an episode of The West Wing and having my own game!


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