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I love the little cardboard miniature villages that appear around the holidays, so I thought I’d make a template for something similar that you can make with children. This is a quick and easy project to help keep the kids busy when they’re out of school next week.
The houses are cut out (by an adult or older child) and then the kids can paste in the vellum paper for transparent windows, glue the houses together and sprinkle them with glitter. As you can see, my five-year-old was generous with the glitter. You can make your houses into a winter village by laying them on white felt and placing them in front of a window. You can add tiny trees or people made from pipe cleaners, clay, salt dough, or whatever you have around the house. My daughter made one into a house for a tiny doll. Then we hung another on the tree over a light. I think they would also look nice on a mantel or as a kids’ table centerpiece. Your kids can draw details on the houses or paint them. Just be creative and keep them busy while it’s cold outside!
You’ll need the following simple supplies:
card stock
craft knife and cutting mat
vellum paper
glue stick
school glue
paint brush
Simply print out the templates below:
House 1
House 2
House 3
1. Cut out the house and roof templates with scissors.
2. Cut along the dotted lines with a craft knife, using a cutting mat or cutting board underneath.
3. Cut vellum and glue in place to cover the front windows & doors.
4. With a ruler and blunt tool, score along the lines where you will make folds.
5. Using a glue stick, put the four walls together.
6. Fold the roof and glue in place with school glue, holding in place for a moment until it adheres.
7. Brush glue on the roof and sprinkle generously with glitter.


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Ellen lives in Atlanta with her husband and two young daughters. She holds a B.A. in Art History and a Master's of Public Administration with a focus in Non-Profit Management.

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2 Responses to “Glitter Paper Houses”

  1. biancifiore Dec 19 at 4:15 pm Reply Reply

    oooh so lovely and romantic! i love this

  2. Hair Clip Dec 21 at 1:39 am Reply Reply

    Love those cute little house! I’ll probably gonna try it with my kids. Thanks for sharing this simple activity.

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