Fall Leaf Linens



Let the kids make something special for the table this Thanksgiving with these elegant and easy leaf-printed linens. This no-mess project can be done by kids (or adults) of any age. If you’re lucky enough to be spending Thanksgiving at someone else’s house, you could also use this technique to make simple guest towels, cocktail napkins or dishtowels for a hostess gift.

First, you’ll need napkins made from cotton or linen, a few fall leaves picked fresh from the tree, some clear packing tape and a pencil.

Simply place a leaf in one corner of the napkin, tape it down and have the child draw on top of the leaf, pressing as firmly as possible to stain the fabric, being sure to press on every spot.

Then remove the leaf and tape, press the fabric, and it’s ready for dinner.

These prints will fade some over time and with washing, but they are such a sweet and simple way for kids to make the table seasonal and festive. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Ellen Luckett Baker
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4 Responses to “Fall Leaf Linens”

  1. Heather Nov 18 at 5:52 pm Reply Reply

    Wow I love it!! I have to go out and get some linens asap to make this. Thanks for sharing, my daughter is the perfect age to do this. I had recently made a christmas craft that she couldn’t help so much with because it require the hot glue gun. So she’ll be thrilled with this :)

  2. Very pretty and useful :)

    They can also *hammer* the leaves.

    We made small wallhangings that way back in October and autumn leaves work just as well as leaves and flowers.

    happy day!

  3. jeanene Dec 05 at 7:38 am Reply Reply

    Your lines are so pretty with the pressed leaves making a meal ever so special.  They would be a wonderful gift to.


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