Cherry Blossom Art from a Recycled Soda Bottle



Pink blossoms will soon appear on trees, and the National Cherry Blossom Festival starts on March 20. In 1912 the city of Tokyo, Japan, gave Washington, D.C., a beautiful gift of 3,000 cherry blossom trees. This year celebrates the 100th anniversary of that gift.

Cherry Blossom Art Made with Soda Bottle |

Make cherry blossom artwork with a recycled 2-liter soda bottle as a stamp! Here are the detailed instructions.

Cherry Blossom Art Made with Soda Bottle |

Start by using dark paint to paint a branch on poster board. Branches are easy to paint. If you can’t paint in a straight line, it looks even better.

Cherry Blossom Art Made with Soda Bottle |

I cut this piece of poster board in half lengthwise because I want it to look more like an art panel than a poster.

Once the branch is painted, let it dry before continuing with the stamping.

Cherry Blossom Art Made with Soda Bottle |

Now let’s do the stamping. Pour some paint on a paper plate and dip the plastic bottle.

Cherry Blossom Art Made with Soda Bottle |

The bottom of 2-liter soda bottle has five points like the five petals of a cherry blossom.

Cherry Blossom Art Made with Soda Bottle |

Press the plastic bottle on the poster board, then lift up. Dip the bottle in more paint each time you repeat the stamp. This is really fun, add as many blossoms as you want.

Cherry Blossom Art Made with Soda Bottle |


Cherry Blossom Art Made with Soda Bottle |

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213 Responses to “Cherry Blossom Art from a Recycled Soda Bottle”

  1. Brenda Ponnay
    Brenda Ponnay Mar 01 at 12:53 pm Reply Reply

    That’s really cool!

  2. Zoë Mar 01 at 1:53 pm Reply Reply

    Love, love, love this!

  3. Susan:) Mar 01 at 2:48 pm Reply Reply

    Ooh very pretty! I’ll have to do this with the kids!

  4. Bonnie Mar 01 at 3:21 pm Reply Reply

    A must try with the grandkids, would make a great Mother’s Day gift from them.

  5. Nancy Mar 01 at 4:35 pm Reply Reply

    This is such a great idea! Im doing this for my baby girls nursery but using canvass instead. Thanks for the idea!

  6. Kim Mar 01 at 7:53 pm Reply Reply

    Super clever idea! Always looking for party backdrop ideas to share with my readers!

  7. BetsyJC Mar 01 at 8:42 pm Reply Reply

    Really creative and cute.

  8. Christine Mar 01 at 9:01 pm Reply Reply

    Do you think this would work on a stretched canvas because the pressure you have to put on the bottle to make the flowers?

    • Rachel Meeks Mar 03 at 1:12 pm Reply Reply

      I think it would definitely work on canvas if you use enough paint because you don’t have to apply pressure at all.

      • Christine Mar 04 at 12:31 am Reply Reply

        Thank you!

      • Shelley Mar 20 at 8:18 pm Reply Reply

        I tried this on a piece of stretched framed canvas and it didn’t work at all. Too much give and all five points didn’t come ot right and the paint smeared no matter how much or little paint I had on the bottle. Definitely need to be on poster board on a solid surface.

        • Ema Mar 27 at 10:05 am Reply Reply

          Same happened to me. Didn’t work on a canvas. I’ll have to try again on a more solid surface.

          • shannon Apr 03 at 11:58 pm Reply

            Can’t you just put something under the canvas to support it while you work?  Books or something?

  9. Jadzia@Toddlerisms Mar 01 at 11:59 pm Reply Reply

    This is so pretty!  I want to paint my nails that color.  Clearly, IT IS TIME FOR SPRING.

    • shannon Apr 03 at 11:56 pm Reply Reply

      Can’t you just put something under the canvas to support it while you work?  Books or something?

  10. Maithili Mar 02 at 1:00 am Reply Reply

    That is super cool!

  11. Mary Mar 02 at 2:27 am Reply Reply

    Lovely – we’ve been looking for ways to celebrate the 100th anniversary.

  12. Cindy Mar 02 at 4:37 am Reply Reply

    So pretty! Can’t wait to try this!! Thank you.

  13. Karie Mar 02 at 10:43 am Reply Reply

    What a wonderful idea! I love it! I am going to try this on a canvas and then want to hang it in my bedroom….Thanks for sharing!

    • Haily Oct 24 at 11:26 am Reply Reply

      I want to do the same thing! But I just want to do it on a small piece of poster board and just put it up high where my cats can’t jump and tear it in half or something!

  14. Marci Pruitt Mar 02 at 10:56 am Reply Reply

    Very Cool!! May I pin this??

    • Isabel Kallman
      Isabel Mar 02 at 11:01 am Reply Reply

      sure, Marci. Would love for you to pin. Would prefer that you pin the first or second picture that includes a watermark (for copyright protection). Thanks!

      • Tammi Jul 26 at 9:47 am Reply Reply

        who r u i thought rachel meeks did this page who r u 2 tell marci that u can pin this

        • Isabel Kallman
          Isabel Jul 26 at 10:43 am Reply Reply

          Rachel Meeks created this on behalf of I’m the owner of this site. Who are you?

  15. Flight Training Mar 02 at 12:18 pm Reply Reply

    This is really cool! I could see this being something fun for my girls to do!

  16. RuthAnn K. Mar 02 at 2:33 pm Reply Reply

    What a creative idea. Love it

  17. breanna Mar 02 at 2:36 pm Reply Reply

    i can’t believe a soda bottle could create such a lovely canvas! I’ve linked to you here:

  18. this would be cute against a blue background and some clouds too

  19. Andrea Mar 02 at 5:05 pm Reply Reply

    Great idea!! Can way to do it with the kids

  20. Natalie Mar 02 at 5:09 pm Reply Reply

    This is such a great idea!! I am definetly doing this this weekend!!

  21. Kristin Mar 02 at 10:17 pm Reply Reply

    Saw this on Pinterest and had to check out the “how to”.  Great idea!  Suggestions on the best kind of paint to use?

    • Rachel Meeks Mar 03 at 1:15 pm Reply Reply

      I think you could use any kind of paint. Craft paint works great on posters. I used some leftover wall paint from when we painted my daughter’s bedroom which made it nice and thick.

  22. lillian Mar 03 at 6:00 am Reply Reply

    OOhhh i am going to make this myself. This is a brilliant idea!

  23. Love this idea – found it on Pinterest. Hope you don’t mind, but I posted about it on my “Friday Favorites”.

  24. CharleneM Mar 03 at 2:11 pm Reply Reply

    I LOVE this!  What an awesome idea!

  25. inga Mar 03 at 6:20 pm Reply Reply

    cant wait to make this and put it on the wall

  26. Sarah Mar 03 at 6:56 pm Reply Reply

    Fantastic idea! We’re definitely doing this!

  27. Momma Ruby Mar 03 at 7:38 pm Reply Reply

    I’ve been considering painting a “Family Tree” on a wall with pictures of immediate family members, and eventually grandkids. I would love to do something with the flowers around it. Would it work on a wall and would you suggest wall paint or craft paint if done this way?

    • Rachel Meeks Mar 04 at 3:51 pm Reply Reply

      My concern about painting it directly on a wall is that it can drip, and later if you decide to paint over it you might still see the raised pattern from the flowers.

  28. This is so pretty! My daughter would love to try this!

  29. suzuki Mar 04 at 2:08 am Reply Reply

    This report has become the center of attention even in Japan. 
    It is a lovely Cherry Blossom. 
    Thank you. 

  30. Julie D'soza Mar 04 at 12:48 pm Reply Reply

    This idea is so cooooooool…….i was thinking for an idea to make a birthday card for my friend and i got to know about this….she really loved the ard an d thanks to this website…..!!!

  31. Craft and Fun Mar 04 at 11:55 pm Reply Reply

    Really adorable! Thanks for sharing

  32. Celina Mar 05 at 3:59 am Reply Reply

    Oh my… You are pure genius!!! This is so amazing work…

  33. Mimi Bond Mar 05 at 5:28 pm Reply Reply

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  34. Katie Mar 06 at 11:20 am Reply Reply

    I’m doing this with my high school students for the 7 highly effective habits of successful people. But I’ve changed the cheery blossom trees to oak trees.

  35. Susan Mar 06 at 1:20 pm Reply Reply

    Hi! Do you think this will work on a wall or do you think the paint will drip down? My husband and I painted a cherry blossom tree (pretty large) on one of our living room walls and we have been contemplating ways to paint the actual cherry blossoms on it.

    • Isabel Kallman
      Isabel Mar 06 at 4:11 pm Reply Reply

      Rachel (the author) answered this same question above already. please read above for her answer. thanks.

  36. vasso tsirtsikou Mar 07 at 4:13 am Reply Reply

    Great Great GREAT IDEA!!!…

  37. Diane Mar 07 at 10:10 pm Reply Reply

    Awesome Idea..
    I saw this on Pinterest and repinned it..Love it ..
    Thanks so much!

  38. Cheryl Mar 08 at 6:08 pm Reply Reply

    This is wonderful, easy to make and frame. 

  39. Dena Mar 08 at 6:44 pm Reply Reply

    I love this idea – so much in fact, that I am basing my daughter’s room around it.

    Today I bought canvas (11.99 @ hobby lobby) and some acrylic paint (I should’ve went with the cheaper stuff, the choices by the actual canvas turns out pretty thick – nice for the tree, not so nice for the flowers..)

    Which leads me to my point – what …type of 2-liter bottle was used?

    I figured this would be the easy part, but my petals are way too far apart…I spent some time looking at the bottom of the bottles (much to the confusion of other shoppers) but obviously my efforts were wasted……help a crafter out? :)

    ~ Dena

    • Rachel Meeks Mar 08 at 11:41 pm Reply Reply

      I used a Dr. Pepper bottle. If you look at mine, I think the petals are far apart on mine too.

      • Dena Mar 09 at 6:03 pm Reply Reply

        Thank you so much for your response!  I did as you suggested and had a closer look at your pictures – while I can see what you mean, they are not super close together – using a Pepsi Max bottle was even further… 😉 Time to try the Dr.Pepper and some thinner, darker pink. 
        Thanks again!!
        ~ Dena

  40. Ikumi Mar 09 at 4:13 am Reply Reply

    I want to write in Inkstick(sumi) the branches.

  41. staci Mar 10 at 9:24 am Reply Reply

    My 5 yr old daughter C2 saw this and loved it instantly! She even came up with her own version and wanted me to share it with you. First, we are to take and print head shots of each of our 4 human family as well as our 3 furry family. Then we are to cut out on poster board in round circles different sizes for each age of the person (or their ranking for the pets) and then paint the background a solid color. So Dad would be the largest, mommy slightly smaller, C1 Smaller still and C2 the smallest.  Then our 3 pets would all be 3 different sizes with the background reflecting their paw prints. After that is dry, we will choose a co-ordinating color and use your cherry blossom technique to use as the border around the inside edge of each circle. Once that is all dry, cut out each picture in a circle and glue or double tape stick each picture onto a canvas that you either use watered down paint or paint and distress with sand paper. Then Hang.  We might actually try this today if we keep some friends while their parents paint their own house in anticipation for their adopted brother or sister and just leave that one blank for the time being. Great little minds!!  We should probably heed what they have to say to us much more often 😉  

  42. Roseli Volpe Mar 11 at 7:32 pm Reply Reply

    Parabéns é lindo de mais adorei, sou louca por flores e essas de cerejeiras estão maravilhosas e facil de fazer, trabalho com crianças e sempre busco novidades para elas.

  43. Erin Mar 12 at 11:01 am Reply Reply

    What a beautiful project! My inner 4th grade teacher is coming out. Here is a link to some picture books about cherry blossoms…
    I’m going to do both with my kids this weekend!

  44. Gennifer Mar 14 at 5:40 pm Reply Reply

    I am going to try this for my bedroom using various size bottles: 2 liter, 20 oz., and 16 oz.! Hope it turns out as cute as I think!

  45. sue Mar 14 at 9:22 pm Reply Reply

    I used your cherry blossom art project today with my seniors with dementia. They loved it! I wrote about it in my blog.

  46. Christine Mar 15 at 11:32 pm Reply Reply

    I’m also considering doing this directly on a wall. Anyone try it yet? Does it drip?? Maybe I’ll try it on a tiny area in the garage first before taking inside!

    • Isabel Kallman
      Isabel Mar 16 at 12:37 am Reply Reply

      read the comments above for your answer.

  47. Anna Mar 17 at 10:40 am Reply Reply

    I absolutly love this

  48. Joanna Mar 18 at 7:05 am Reply Reply

    I love this idea and made one though I used a bottle that did not have the 5th point in the middle I also think I should have used puffy paint instead of acrylic paint to give it depth but you can see it posted on my facebook page. Thank you for the idea! It was a lot of fun!! Or how can I upload my picture of it for you to critique ?

  49. Erin Mar 19 at 9:13 pm Reply Reply

    Wow, this is lovely! I’ve been looking for an art project to do with kids in a couple weeks and I’m feeling like I hit the jackpot coming here.

    One question — what type of paint did you use? I love the raised texture of your blossoms. I’m thinking tempura paint (my normal go-to kid paint and what’s already available) might be too thin to create the same sort of texture…

  50. Betsy Mar 19 at 10:15 pm Reply Reply

    I made these with my Pre-K class today. They turned out beautifully! Thanks for the idea!

  51. junassicpark Mar 24 at 11:47 pm Reply Reply

    That is really pretty!! Did you use regular craft paint?

    • junassicpark Mar 24 at 11:52 pm Reply Reply

      I didn’t see the other responses before I posted my comment. I’ve since read through the posts. No need to answer my question.  Thanks! 

  52. Nicole Mar 25 at 11:27 pm Reply Reply

    I just did this today and it came out great! I used red instead of pink because I’m giving it as a gift and I think it will go with my friend’s decor better. I had a question though: how did you hang this? Because it’s poster board and not stretched canvas I couldn’t think of a way to hang it unless I framed it. I was just wondering what you did. 

  53. Kimmy Davis Mar 28 at 6:21 am Reply Reply

    I used your idea and made a very similar painting. Here’s my post about it:

    Thank you so much for the idea–cherry blossoms are special to me.

  54. Liz Reeve Feb 07 at 2:59 pm Reply Reply

    Lovely simple idea that even my 3 yr olds can do if I do the branch . Cant wait to try it.

  55. Anjali Joshi Feb 15 at 7:29 am Reply Reply

    wow………..its seems so beautiful……and easy 2………..

  56. éva Mar 07 at 5:15 am Reply Reply

    Nagyon jók!!!:)

  57. Sarah Apr 13 at 8:36 am Reply Reply

    This is a great rainy day idea or a mother’s day wall canvas. i love it!!!!!

  58. jlm May 08 at 7:33 pm Reply Reply

    Any fun ideas about how to frame these if we wanted to make 10 as a birthday party craft?

  59. Kaitlyn May 10 at 7:56 pm Reply Reply

    Dose any body know any other crafts that are easy 

  60. fanwar May 24 at 4:30 pm Reply Reply

    This is extra fun and easy to create, really enjoyed the creative idea!

  61. Lauren Jun 10 at 1:38 am Reply Reply

    Oh my gosh! I never thought of that idea! nice! looks really pretty!

  62. Zoe Apr 05 at 12:31 am Reply Reply

    Very pretty and smart! :-)

  63. Sara Jun 20 at 7:17 pm Reply Reply

    Oh my … It looks great. Ideal simple decoration for the living room :)

  64. Z Jun 27 at 2:44 am Reply Reply

    Wow, I just made four of these to decorate my home for a cherry-blossom themed baby shower I am throwing this weekend. They were done very quickly and I think they look great. Thank you for the directions

  65. Dee Jan 11 at 1:08 am Reply Reply

    I just had my seniors paint cherry blossom branches
    freehand. Great job. We have done other recycled bottle projects. I saw a cherry blossom project on Artchoo (now Tiny Rotten Peanuts). The paper is lightly dampened, then the pink dots are added and they spread. When all is dry, paint the branches and there you have it. I have also seen the flowers painted with the eraser tip of a pencil which is even more dainty.

  66. Decoración de Interiores Feb 04 at 2:28 am Reply Reply

    I like your crafts :)

  67. jasmine Apr 23 at 1:53 pm Reply Reply

    What type of paint was used for this project? I have to do a project for school and I decided to this, but I don’t know what type of paint and paint brush to use!

  68. Mia Martin Sep 25 at 10:41 am Reply Reply

    It’s a lovely idea! And a good recycling lesson for my girl. Thanks for the inspiratoin!

  69. Roberta Mar 17 at 3:45 pm Reply Reply

    What a cute painting for a girls room. I am sharing this on Pinterest.

  70. Nabila Mar 24 at 9:06 am Reply Reply

    That’s cute.. ^^ I’ll repost it, on my website, with the credit of course ^^


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