World Cup Craft: Make Your Own Stadium Horns



By Lindsey Boardman of Filth Wizardry

If there’s one thing that’s captured my kids’ attentions during the 2010 FIFA World Cup, it’s the stadium horns. I mean it’s difficult not to notice them, but they seem extra exciting to my children. It’s not surprising really that something that’s pretty much as tall as they are and makes a huge noise is going to appeal to them.

If you think your kids would like a stadium horn, or vuvuzela, but you don’t feel like going and buying one online, we found that a couple of simple modifications to a dollar store hollow plastic bat gives you a fake that’ll pass for genuine with the kids.

We picked up a couple of the hollow plastic bats with ball sets that were on sale at the local Dollar Tree for this craft. I also picked up a packet of the cheap little party favor horns, because the really small kids will likely have trouble getting a note out of a regular horn.

How to Make a Kids' Vuvuzela

First of all I hacked the closed end off the bat with a kitchen knife. (Clearly, this step is not meant to be done by children.)

How to Make a Kids' Vuvuzela

Then I tidied up the end with a pair of scissors.

How to Make a Kids' Vuvuzela

The handle already had a little hole in it from the manufacturing process, so I just carefully made that hole bigger with the end of my scissors.

How to Make a Kids' Vuvuzela

Here is the one I made for my five year old, who can get a note out of a horn just fine.
How to Make a Vuvuzela

My four-year old isn’t able to get a note out of a regular horn just yet, so for her I pulled the plastic part out of the party horn and glued it into the hole I’d made in the bat handle.

How to Make a Vuvuzela

How to Make a Vuvuzela

Now if you want to you can just leave it at that. You’ll be able to get a good loud sound out of the bat/horn with just those steps, but if you want it to look a bit more like a stadium horn then you can cut into the end of the bat several times like this….

How to Make a Vuvuzela

Get a plastic cup and cut the bottom out of it.

How to Make a Vuvuzela

Then hot glue that bottomless cup into the end of the bat.

How to Make a Vuvuzela

To cover up the cup and to close the gaps around it, we used colored electrical tape, which also served to decorate the horns.

How to Make a Vuvuzela

I used to use electrical tape in this way to decorate juggling clubs, and it’s really fast and easy to do. Just put the long stripes on first. Then the bits that are wound around the circumference of the bat keep the ends of the stripes firmly in place.

How to Make a Vuvuzela

The cups we had handy were clear plastic, which worked out really nicely, because you can see the striping on the inside of the horn too.

How to Make a Vuvuzela

As you can see, the ones we made were for the US vs. Ghana game. Although sadly our DIY stadium horns obviously didn’t help the US team through to the quarter finals, the kids loved them!

How to Make a Vuvuzela

How to Make a Vuvuzela

Now that both England and the US are out I’m not sure who we’ll be gunning for, but the electrical tape comes right off, so we are free to be fickle. (Wink.) I think we’ll probably just keep them the way they are though, what with 4th July just around the corner.

Bonus craft:

If you get the hollow plastic bat and ball set like the ones we got from the dollar store then you’ll still have a spare ball left over. I’m sure you have some aluminum foil too.

World Cup Craft

Why not scrunch some aluminum foil into an hourglass shape, twist it a bit and hot glue the ball on the top. Spray it all gold and wind a bit more electrical tape to decorate the bottom. Voila! Mini World Cup trophy for backyard footy tournaments.

World Cup Craft

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12 Responses to “World Cup Craft: Make Your Own Stadium Horns”

  1. Heather Jul 02 at 12:43 pm Reply Reply

    I think I am up for the noise! Even better than dollar store bats, this would be perfect for the old ones that are beat up and not great for wiffle ball anymore.

  2. aimee Jul 02 at 2:04 pm Reply Reply

    Im in south africa and we are surrounded by the real things (my daughter has 5 – of varying noise levels!) and I have to say – VERY  GOOD JOB.  they look fab

  3. These are brilliant, Lindsey! Can I marry you?

  4. Abi Jul 05 at 8:51 pm Reply Reply

    I love this! Might have to try to make a couple before the semi finals :)

  5. Tifani Jul 06 at 9:02 am Reply Reply

    My teenage son and his friends are obsessed with these things. I can’t wait to show him this!!

  6. Lisa Jul 06 at 1:55 pm Reply Reply

    That’s very clever, but it may be awhile before I want to hear that noise again.

  7. Eva Jul 12 at 8:44 pm Reply Reply

    You were so creative. You did a wonderful job. I have been trying all day to get the vuvuzelas wholesale when I saw your work. If anybody out there can tell me where to get them wholesale in the States, please let me know. I would certainly appreciate it! THANK YOU!

  8. Reid Mar 01 at 12:28 am Reply Reply

    This really helps, thank you so much. 😉


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