New School Year Calendar Stickers Printable for Back-to-School



It’s time to start recording all those important dates in your new school year calendar. Let the kids help out this time, or fill-out their own calendar, with a fun page of event stickers for the whole new school year!

School Events Calendar Stickers by

Download and print the New School Year Calendar Stickers here:school event calendar stickers printable.

School Events Calendar Stickers by

First print out the stickers on printable sticker paper (this paper allows you to print repositionable stickers).

You can use a 1.5 inch hole punch or cut the school event stickers out by hand. Personally, I have a love/hate relationship with my punch. Half the time it doesn’t work. Maybe you’ll have better luck. If you don’t have a punch,or the patience to cut a bunch of small circles, you can always just cut them up into squares.

School Events Calendar Stickers by

And then stick on your family or school calendar!

School Events Calendar Stickers by

Now keeping track of important school dates can be a whole family affair!

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2 Responses to “New School Year Calendar Stickers Printable for Back-to-School”

  1. Jen Aug 17 at 5:21 pm Reply Reply

    Great idea, Brenda!  Thank you for sharing all your super cute graphics.  :)

  2. Christine from Giftovus Aug 27 at 5:47 pm Reply Reply

    This is sooo cute!!!

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