First Day of School Breakfast Sign Printable!



Not all back-to-school kids are looking forward to their first day of school, but we can make it a little more fun with this fun sign on their breakfast table. Breakfast is an important part of every school day, so why not celebrate a little while you’re at it. You only get one First Day of School per year, after all!

First Day of School Breakfast Celebration Sign

After you download the printable, trim the outside lines and down the middle. Then fold in half and along the dotted lines.

First Day of School Breakfast Celebration Sign

Tape it together at the bottom and then set at your breakfast table with a sharpened new pencil.

First Day of School Breakfast Celebration Sign

Then wait for your back-to-schoolers reactions. Some will be a little more excited than others.

First Day of School Breakfast Celebration Sign

Download our First Day of School Breakfast printable here.

Just like the First Day of School Questionnaire printable we made a few years ago, this breakfast-table-tent printable also has a prompt for kids to write in their name, their school and a few lines for any goals they might have for this new school year. You’ll be surprised with the answers they come up with. It might be something to save for the scrapbook!

Happy Printing and wishing everyone a new Great School Year!

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