Easy Superhero Tank Tops for Halloween



Summer is still simmering here in Southern California so we busted out some super cool superhero tank-tops. But these would be great as pajama tops or even Halloween costumes. They’re really easy to make and quite affordable!


Supplies for your Superhero Icon Tank Top:

1. some basic white t-shirts, or undershirts in our case (I bought a five pack online for $5)

2. iron-on transfer paper

3. a dry hot iron (no water for steam!)

4. scissors

5. and our Superhero icon printables!

Click here for the Superman and Batman icon printables.

And, click here for the Flash and Captain America icon printables

Instructions to Apply Superhero Badges

Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty:

1. Print out your superhero printables (above). Cut around the edges. It’s okay to leave a little white space around the edges, that will be clear on your shirt but you don’t want to leave a lot because it will show up in the light.

2. Place the printed transfer paper (for best results, follow the directions on your package but I’ll go over them roughly here) face side down on your shirt where you want it to go. Then with a hot iron press down with both hands for 45 seconds.  If your iron doesn’t cover the entire design just overlap and make sure all parts (especially the edges) have been pressed for 45 seconds or more.

3. Let it cool and then peel!  It’s best if you do it slowly so you don’t accidentally rip the design off the shirt along with the backing. But if you did a good job ironing you shouldn’t have any problem with that.

4. Put on your best superhero smile and wear it like you mean it!

A note about ribbed t-shirts. As you can see below, when the ribs of the tank are stretched the superhero badge stretches too. So if you don’t like this distressed look (which I personally think is pretty cool) you should go with a smooth white t-shirt instead of a ribbed tank.  But in my case I like this stretched-out look. It’s almost as if my kid’s super hero muscles are about to break right out of their shirt. I might have to make one of these for myself!



Difficulty Level: Easy!

Appropriate Age levels: Anyone old enough to use a hot iron without burning themselves. (Parents, always have an adult present to supervise)

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5 Responses to “Easy Superhero Tank Tops for Halloween”

  1. Sonia Oct 01 at 7:59 pm Reply Reply

    Hi , do you print out the printables on regular paper or how?

    • Brenda Ponnay
      Brenda Ponnay Oct 01 at 8:03 pm Reply Reply

      Yes, you need to use special iron-on transfer paper that you can buy at your local office store and follow the directions on the box. Hope that helps! :)

  2. Stacy Oct 26 at 9:17 pm Reply Reply

    Can you resize the batman/superman logo? I need it to be larger for an older child. Thanks! I saved it and tried to copy/paste into Publisher but it would not allow me to copy…


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