How To Take Group Shots Of Your Kids



By Angella of Dutch Blitz
1. Clusters Are Cool
While it is often easier to just line everybody up like little soldiers, a cozier set up is to position everyone in a cluster. The easiest way to do this is to use a set of stairs, or a park bench if your group of kids is taller than mine are. The photo is even more dynamic if you can get everyone to tilt their heads towards each other; it just depends if your children are more cooperative than mine are.


2. Embrace The Outtakes
Sometimes the vision that you have in your mind of perfectly dressed children posing like models from a magazine is nowhere close to reality. Sometimes reality is a lot funnier and worthy of a frame on the wall.

3. Have Them Look Away
If you want to get a timeless shot of your children, capture them from behind. Have them look out over the water, or across a field, or over a fence. It is perfectly fine to set these shots up on purpose. It is also perfectly fine to pass them off as naturally occurring poses. Not that I have done that or anything.

4. Candid Camera
A good group photo does not have to be perfectly set up. If you find your kids having a good time together, keep snapping away and try to get all three of them in the frame. They may not be artistically posed, but you may manage to get a photo that captures their true personalities.

5. Capture The Details
If you get tired of taking the same shots of your kids’ smiling faces, zoom in on the little details. Some of my favorite captures are the simple ones of hands or feet.

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One Response to “How To Take Group Shots Of Your Kids”

  1. bethany actually Nov 24 at 4:00 pm Reply Reply

    Excellent tips as always, Angella! I have been telling everyone for years that CANDID SHOTS ARE BETTER. There is a time and a place for posed shots, but usually candids are so much better. Most of my favorite group shots of any age group are candids!

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