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Five Steps to a Flawless Diaper Bag

By Guest Contributor

By Beth of bessie.viola

Leaving the house for first outings with your little one can be a daunting prospect. Just days or weeks ago, you carted baby with you everywhere you went without any extra needs (save for frequent rest areas and a good sense of humor to deal with the stares and comments of every stranger you’d meet).
Now that Junior has arrived, you’ll want to put a bit of extra thought into what you’re carrying with you when you hit the road. No worries — we’ve got you (and your new addition) covered.

Five Diaper Bag Must-Haves

1. Cover your butt. Isn’t that what the diaper bag is all about? It’s a pretty sure bet that baby will need freshening up at some point. Your arsenal should include the necessities and then some: a changing pad, wipes, powder, your preferred diaper rash ointment, and of course diapers. Bring what you think you’ll need, and then double it. I keep my bag stocked with approximately 10 diapers, and I always have an extra box of wipes in my car — my daughter is famous for explosive poops (sorry for the overshare, Maddie). Which brings us to the next item on your list…

2. Keep it clean. Your baby has probably already impressed you with prolific output, so you know the story here. At least one extra outfit, two preferred. It doesn’t have to be the most perfect ensemble ever — just a couple of extra onesies and pants (dependent on the weather) should do the trick here. If you’re in a state or season where the climate is known to vary, toss in a jacket or sweater as well — it can’t hurt and in a situation where you run through a few outfits, it can help.

3. Feed me! Hey, when they’re hungry, they’re hungry — and they’ll be sure to let you and the rest of the free world know. Nursing moms have a bit of an easier time with this item of the list — they’re ready to go at a moment’s notice, save for the occasional use of a nursing cover and the possible post-dinner tube of lanolin. If you’re formula feeding or using expressed breastmilk, however, you have a bit more work to do. Moms who bottle feed will need bottles, the necessary amount of formula in a secure container, and bottled water for mixing (if you’ll be away from a good source or don’t feel confident in it). Moms using expressed breastmilk will need bottles and their milk on ice (Medela makes a great cooler for this). Whatever your method of feeding, don’t forget that you’ll need supplies for cleanup duty: I like to carry two burping cloths and a bib (especially if my girl is in a particularly cute outfit that I’d rather she not drool all over).

4. Entertainment. I know that you are your baby’s best source of amusement. I know this, but I also know that sometimes? You may need a break. That’s where your entertainment committee comes in: rattles, age-appropriate books, a favorite doll or comforting lovey. All are great to have; simply consider your environment and the level of noise that will be acceptable and pack accordingly. If you use a pacifier, don’t forget to pack an extra.(Pro tip: a simple clip helps keep the paci from from getting lost.)

5. Who me? Yes. You. With the no makeup on. Take care of yourself a bit, won’t you? Make sure you pack a little something for yourself in the bag. A bottle of water, a few granola bars, extra breast/sanitary pads, hand sanitizer, a nice lotion, even an extra shirt if you have a baby prone to regurgitation.

And… you’re done! Not so bad, is it? You’re ready to hit the streets with your brand-new babe in tow. Go out and enjoy your fabulously-prepared self!

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We often publish pieces by guest contributors. If you’re interested in being one, please drop us a line at contact[at]alphamom[dot]com.


We often publish pieces by guest contributors. If you’re interested in being one, please drop us a line at contact[at]alphamom[dot]com.

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