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On A Place Called Wall Street

By Denise Restauri

From an 11-year-old tween girl:

“Wall Street and the money problems and stuff. I don’t really technically know what’s happening on Wall Street, my parents (or anyone else for that matter) won’t take the time to tell me, but from what I gather, well, umm actually I don’t gather anything. it’s hard to understand and boring when I read articles about it. But I have figured out that something bad is happening and it has to do with Wall St. and the economy. Something like a mini great depression, kinda like that? (If you could include an explanation, simple and easy for an eleven year old to understand in your comment i would be really appreciative.) So anyway: Is your family getting affected by this scary-and-hard-to-underst and-mysterious-problem-on -a- place-called-Wall-Street? because my family is, big time. We’re struggling to pay the apartment rent. I don’t get allowance anymore, I have to do more chores for free, my parents aren’t getting me ice cream or candy or anything else for me anymore, I’m still wearing the same clothes from last year and the year before (I haven’t grown much), and we have no extra money for toys, games, books, or CDs. We weren’t even able to get all of our school supplies this year. It’s really freaking me out. And waht’s worse, is that I have to stand there and tell my teacher I couldn’t get the notebook or colored pencils, when my friend is behind me bragging to someone else about the new Wii they got (Not kidding, that happened). So I’m wondering, why am I getting affected by this, why is my family struggling when my friend’s still get everything they want? It’s not very fair. =( Anyone else feel this way? I’m trying not to feel bad for myself, after all there are tons of people who are off WAY worse than me, but it’s kinda hard not to feel bad when the only time I can ever read a new book is every week from the school library and the only time I get to listen to the new Demi Lovato CD is at my friend’s house. Jeez. I just don’t know what to do. It’s been really hard on me. First I get almost everything I want and then: BOOM! No more money. Do you guys have any advice? Is your family having a hard time too? Please comment!?”

AllyKatzz Girls Respond:

  • “Well I can’t go to my public Library because we owe a pretty big fine, which we don’t have money to pay for it, of course. And I mean I wish we could just be kids, but how can I just be a kid with no books, no CDs, no games? We have to be really careful about everything.”
  • “I know a bit of what you feel like. Even though I live in Canada it’s affecting us here too. My mom is not really but my dad kind of is. We’re saving money, and we’re not eating out very much, I’m using my own money for buying stuff like books, and clothes. I was so surprised when I got my birthday present (which was like an hour ago) a MP3 player!!! I’m definitely not in as deep, but trust me, everyone’s feeling it, but you can always talk with me!!!”
  • “My family is having a hard time too. I usually only get to get something everytime my mom gets paid. But even though it’s effecting my family we are trying to make it through and my moms still saving money for us and all the bills and stuff. But I know exactly what you’re going through cause it’s the same with me! So you can talk to me any time about it! Luff Lauren:]”
  • “im sooo sorry! its not really affecting us…yet…”
  • “my family is having a really tough time! especially since one of my brothers is in college! and my parents always talk about bills! and usually im in the room or somewhere where i can here them and i HATE it cause i know where going through a hard time but i dont want to have to sit listen and worry! like its getting so tough that w have to make the groceries last about 2 weeks! (which is impossible cause my growing teenage older brother eats EVERTHING!) and not to mention EVERY cent of my parents check they get from working goes straight to the bills and we barely can get candy,or magazines, or books! and the worst thing is that my dad doesnt know what do to cause we might be losing the house if we cant keep up with our morgage :/”
  • “i wish we could just be kids. and i’m really sorry about all of this, especially about the bratty girl with the wii. that just sucks. i’ve noticed my parents being really, really hesitant about things like buying me coffebeans and stuff, but nothing major has happened… yet. i’m really glad because for once both my parents have jobs. and for a suggestion, if you go to your public library they let you borrow books, movies, and cd’s there for free for like two weeks, so you could get the demi lovato cd there if you wanted to :]] it’s really helpful. other than that i hope things get better and if you ever need someone to talk to im here!”
  • “gosh, wallstreet this and that, cant we just be kids?”
  • “I really agree w/ u. Everyday on the news they talk about how bad things are getting and it really doesn’t directly effect the nation, but we can feel it happen. I get kind of scared because I don’t know what all those numbers mean and slowly it’s just ruining our economy. Then when I think about how other people are getting effected so badly, it makes me feel like a spoiled brat, but yeah, I’ll stop rambling and simply state, I think things will get worse b4 it gets better”

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    About the Author

    Denise Restauri

    As the founder of, the safe social networking site for tween girls, Denise Restauri is directly tapped into the tween girl world every day.


    As the founder of, the safe social networking site for tween girls, Denise Restauri is directly tapped into the tween girl world every day.

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    Wow I had no idea tweens were feeling this way and were so intuitive to the financial crisis. I am glad they are out there supporting one another!