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Tiny Chairs For Tiny Bottoms: Children’s Chairs

By Melissa Summers

As I sat around this week thinking of what to write for today’s column I realized I’d never shared my obsession for tiny chairs. At the height of my obsession I had 7 tiny chairs in various rooms of my house. I found most of them at our local flea market and one adorable wicker version at Ikea before my daughter was born. It got to the point where we were either going to have to weed out some of the chairs or get more little people as friends. I still love the kid sized chairs of course but my kids look awfully silly sitting in most them at this point so I mostly browse.
My son’s preschool had lovely old oak chairs in the classroom I often daydreamed about stealing. These chairs are similar and entirely legal. I love all the kids chairs at Land Of Nod, especially this storage chair which resembles an old schoolhouse chair but with storage under the seat.
I love this bent plywood and chrome Chip Chair at Modern Seed. They stack, they’ve got handles for easy moving and the shape is “inspired by the organic and curvy form of a potato chip.” Hey, I like potato chips! I’ll take 2. (Also, it’s on sale.)
Look at this adorable birch plywood rocking chair from Nume. The safety rail and colored rings made me think it was a vintage find. Perhaps if you put your child in this seat they might be forced to stay still with that safety rail in place. But probably not.
The Panton chair is a classic chair for adults which is why I love it shrunk down 25% for kids. The colors are stunning and check out how much fun kids have playing with them. I’d like to see a preschool classroom decked out in these chairs, I have a feeling tuition would reflect the cost.
Another multi colored child’s chair I want to place on a stick and lick like a lollipop is this Jacobsen Series 7 chair .  “Jacobsen was one of the few designers to focus specifically on creating child-scale furniture and to consider the potential benefits of applying new design philosophies in school and child-care settings.”
I had no idea Emeco made a tiny version of their classic aluminum chairs. Now that I know, I wish I could justify the purchase of two to go with our new knock off kitchen bar stools. I’ll keep trying.
A little bird told me Dutch from Sweet Juniper will be scouring Ebay for vintage children’s chairs at Design Mom in October. He’s got a similar affliction in the small chair realm but never spends more than $20 on his chairs. This is something I admire greatly so be on the look out for his piece.

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Melissa Summers

Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.


Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.

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