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Best Growth Charts For Kids

By Melissa Summers

Right before we put our house on the market I had to paint over our door frame growth chart where we’d tracked our kid’s rapid (Maddie has the growing pains to prove it) growth over the last 8 years. I took pictures of it for the sake of the memories, but I wish we’d had the foresight to create something removable and Walt Disney-Free.
Growing up, a family I babysat for had a wall paper border ruler in their laundry room where they tracked all the kids’ growth, even their 6’5″ nephew (who towered over the chart). Wall paper can’t typically be taken with you if you move, so I like this actual ruler. 
A surfboard would make a decorative statement in a kid’s room and at the same time help you watch your child grow five inches (seemingly) overnight.
I don’t really like overly ‘theme-y’ rooms but I do love this boat oar growth chart. It’s a Pottery Barn Kids original, now out of stock, but available on Ebay. At least it’s there at this moment. Also on Ebay, this horrible chart and this one which will make your child feel inferior every day….they’ll never measure up.

My kids love Eric Carle books, not as much for the stories, though they’ve loved those too, but for the illustrations, which they adore. This growth chart would be perfect for your own Carle fan.
Equally colorful is this customized alphabet growth chart from Oopsy Daisy. Chart your kids’ growth and teach them their letters all at once. Even better, a portion of the every sale goes to children’s charities.
Also from Oopsy Daisy, this rocket ship growth chart will appeal to your resident space boy.

Etsy is surprisingly missing a whole lot of handcrafted growth charts. I’d wish to see more from some of the Etsy artists I love. I did find this simple dotted version customized with your child’s name. Not too busy but still colorful, like your great grandmother.

Also in the vintage realm is this Elsie the Cow growth chart from Borden foods. At first I thought, Gee, how nice. It’s Elsie the happy cow, and milk helps you grow! But then I scrolled to the bottom and I’m left shaking my head. What’s with the angry cow? Is he screaming at the calf to grow! GROW right now?
If you can explain the meaning of this illustration, please feel free. Additionally if you have a favorite growth chart, especially of the make-it-yourself variety, please share in the comments.

Melissa Summers
About the Author

Melissa Summers

Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.


Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.

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I’m so dumb! How do you use growth charts? Do you write the date next to the measurement, right there on the chart? So you know when your kid was that height? I’m strictly of the “pencil marks on the door frame” school myself, so this is a whole new world.


Thanks for the ideas! I actually got one from Lillian vernon. You can put pictures and it comes personalized. I think it has a few animals and a truck on it. I do LOVE the Elsie chart though. I have not seen her in ages. I used to live five house down from a Borden’s distribution plant so I would see her everyday. Thanks for bringing her back to me! ha ha


We have nailed a pc of wood to a doorframe that we will gently pry off if/when we ever move, then we will simply patch the holes (this is a painted door frame) and paint over them.

Paul Z
Paul Z

I really like that Boat Oar Growth Chart…anyone out there know where I can buy one, apparently Pottery Barn for Kids doesn’t sell it anymore