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Brusha-Brusha! Best Children’s Toothbrushes

By Melissa Summers

We have a very ‘forgetful’ tooth fairy who has been known to leave lost teeth under pillows for a couple of days before she finally staples a reminder to her forehead and picks up the teeth. Sometimes it seems like maybe the kids should leave their teeth on my pillow so the ‘Tooth Fairy’ has to lay on it before going to sleep.

I thought we could talk a little about the teeth today since Halloween is coming and your children’s teeth are under fire. Oops! My inner sensationalist news anchor came out just then.

product_singing_butom.gifIt seems like this tooth brushing system from Digital TeleTek would really help my kids brush their teeth without me gently reminding every 2.4 seconds that just keeping the brush in your mouth is not the same as brushing. The brushes activate a player which plays pre-programmed music or your very own recording, when the brush stops moving the player stops. I can make a machine do the nagging for me.

FireflyToothbrush.jpgSince the Digital TeleTek system is not available in the US yet, we’re using the more low tech Firefly Flashing Toothbrush. A switch in the base turns on a light which flashes for one minute. We turn the light on once for the top teeth and then a second time to get the bottom teeth. Though I still have to remind the children about how brushing your teeth means actually keeping the brush moving, it has eliminated the every 10 second calls from the bathroom, “Am I done!?”

toothbrushholders.jpgI love these little suction cup toothbrush holders. You attach them to a mirror and your toothbrush snaps in place. They’re $10  for a set of eight. At that price they’d make a fun birthday party give away or a cute addition to a birthday gift. Because….kids….love….getting toothbrush paraphernalia as a gift. Okay well, forget about the gift idea, unless you tell the recipient it’s a pen holder.

We were talking about the Tooth Fairy though, and how our Tooth Fairy needs to staple a note to her forehead to remember to take the teeth out of my kid’s rooms. Right now we’re putting lost teeth in an envelope under pillows, maybe the Tooth Fairy isn’t forgetting but is afraid to wake up the children by reaching under their pillows.

This cute DIY felt pillow from Martha Stewart could go next to their beds making the tooth/money deposit simple. Maybe you could add a ribbon and put the pillow on your child’s door so that when the Tooth Fairy is walking to bed she might glance down and remember to leave the money instead of going to sleep and forgetting for three nights in a row.


About the Author

Melissa Summers

Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.


Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.

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