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Best Baby Books and Pregnancy Journals

By Melissa Summers

I was not a cliched mother with 3 baby books for her first child and then no baby books for her second child. I had three baby books for my first baby and three for my second child as well, so I was the cliched mother who’s obsessed with tracking her child’s development. It’s not that I love my children equally (of course I don’t!), that’s just how much I love baby books.

maypaperspregnancy.jpgTracey Clarke of Mother May I, has two great baby books, a journal for the first year and a pregnancy journal. These well designed journals feature beautiful photos of babies and prompts which help guide your journaling and when you’re a new mom, you need the help. Without prompts in my baby books, I may have filled the whole thing with nothing but, “Gee, I’m tired.”

I have a few other favorite baby books, since at one time I was a connoisseur.

binth.jpgThe Binth baby book is so nice I’m not sure I could write in it. I’d have to hire someone with careful penmanship to write in it for me. The book is entirely screen printed with lovely minimal silhouettes (we all know how I feel about silhouettes). Expensive, yes, but I’ll pay a premium to keep dancing teddy bears out of my life.

mollywest.gifMolly West has a collection of hand bound baby books with silk fabric covers I love, it was my son’s second baby book. These are also simple designs, focused on the beautiful fabric. I love the silk and gingham version, but think the sock monkey version is awfully fun as well.

40+weeks.gifPregnancy journals may seem stupid, except 3 years later when your baby just threw a tantrum at the market and you left humiliated and you’re wondering when it was easier. It was easier when you were pregnant, and a journal helps you remember. This 40 weeks+ journal is well designed and comprehensive. I love looking back at the journals I kept for my two pregnancies. Mostly because I was incredibly naive and that’s good for a laugh.

What are your favorite baby books, journals or scrapbooking sites?

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Melissa Summers

Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.


Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.

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