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Best Children’s Wall Decals

By Melissa Summers

I’ve got a pretty large collection of wall decals bookmarked so every time I want to share all the ones I’ve found, I am immediately overwhelmed and give up. But not today! Today I’m going to plow through, bringing the internet inspiration in the form of stickers you attach to your walls for instant interest.

monkeys.jpgBlik is probably the leader in wall decals, with not just self adhesive wall decals, also a line of removable decals (renting? non-committal? here you go) and glass decals you can affix to your guest’s glasses at parties, they’ll never grab the wrong glass again. (I just got over strep, I’m not sharing my glass with anyone.) Blik takes custom orders and can create anything you want to say. That’s a lot of wall decoration, let me share a few of my favorites.

I’m a big fan of dots, and while you can easily paint your dots on the wall, take it from me the person who painstakingly painted a harlequin/dot feature wall in the nursery while 8.5 months pregnant. Children are remarkably fickle and seven years later, peeling back stickers is a lot easier than repainting over your hard work. Trust me. I like the robots from the re-stik line, but they’re sold out. You can still pick up the regular robots in both small and large. All right, do you see why I’ve avoided this post? I like the entire kids line (especially the monkeys).

carnivalflags.gifWall Candy Arts offers several wall decals, which according to the site are, “Made of printed vinyl with a low tack adhesive that can be placed, layered, removed and reused without damaging paint.” Perfection. Their designs have a younger feel perfect for the nursery or kid’s room. As I said, I’m a big fan of dots, I like how these dots can be layered, placed randomly or in rows and changed as many times as you wish. In this line my top favorites are the carnivale set with flags that can be combined with letters and the chalk border, I’d love to see it in a playroom.

penguindecal.gifFrench artist Miriam Derville has created, Mimi’lou a simple line of decals which are applied to the wall and transferred. When the transfer is complete a simple line drawing is left on the wall, which looks like a hand drawn mural. There are several in stock choices, from this cute little bunny to this large elephant and mouse. The special order choices are also very tempting, my favorite is the penguin with baby but I know a few little boys who would be quite pleased with the dinosaur choices. If you want a really custom decal for your wall you can send in a photograph of your child and Mimi Lou will create a portrait of your child you can place on your wall. Something about my child’s disembodied head floating on the wall freaks me out but then I’m odd. Just don’t hang it over your bed or anything okay?

invaders.jpgThis set from Sprout Home makes me feel a little fidgety and makes my thumb uncontrollably hit an imaginary button. How I enjoyed the moments I could break my brother free of the Atari so I could play for a few minutes (I just lied. We didn’t have Atari, we had Intellivision). You could put these up in your kid’s room and call it an ‘antique’. Classy. Or you could send it with your husband to decorate his office at work. Well unless your husband’s not in the creative department.

dandelions.jpgSons and Daughters offers another set of choices in wall decals. The designs are a little less juvenile, like they’d fit right in at your 20-something single sister’s cool apartment, but if you like simple designs in your children’s decor they’re perfect for that too. I’m partial to the bee with flower (for obvious reasons) and the dandelion set.

Well, that’s it, my folder is finally emptied of decals. I need a nap.

Published November 16, 2006. Last updated August 23, 2018.
Melissa Summers
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Melissa Summers

Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.


Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.

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