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Being Thankful for the Little Things

Being Thankful for the Little Things

By Chris Jordan

As we enter into the Thanksgiving holiday I think it is important to think about all of the things that we have in our lives for which we are thankful.  You know aside from the obvious ones, friends, family, health….  What are the things make my life better on a daily basis.

1. Antibiotics.  Every time one of  my kids is sick I wonder what it was like to live  in a world pre-antibiotics.  A world where entire families would  be wiped out by a single illness.  I can’t even imagine.

2. Coffee the nectar of the Gods.

3. Nyquil, the other nectar.

4. Hand sanitizer that hangs from a little cord in my purse.  I am not sure which one  of these I am more thankful for, the cord thing that some brilliant fellow-germaphobe invented or the sanitizer itself.

5. Modern dentistry.  I know without it I would be mostly toothless.  And judging my the number of people I know who have had root canals or knocked their front teeth out, I would not be alone in my toothless state.  We are a more attractive world for having modern dentistry.

Related to the above: anesthesia.

6. The epidural.

7. All the modern appliances.  Every single one.  I will say emphatically that I would not have been a good frontier woman.  At all.  My idea of roughing it is a 4 star hotel.  I come from a long line of women who don’t like to sweat.  I am not even sure how my family made it over to America since we are not the adventurous type.

8. The Internet.  I think it has made me a better mother.  Opened up a world of friends that I would not have otherwise known.  Not to mention shopping from home. I just wish Al Gore had invented these tubes sooner.

9. Zappos.  My most favorite store on the Internet.  They sealed the deal with my undying love when one of their customer service people made my daughter a birthday card and mailed it to her.  This was after I had mentioned in passing that it was her birthday.  Also, who doesn’t love free shipping and free returm shipping.  And no, they do not compensate me for saying this.  but they could if they wanted to.  hello my name is Chris and I am a shoe whore.

10. Fireplace.  I am not sure that there is a more peaceful way to end the day than sitting around a fire.  And since we can’t have a bonfire in our yard every night, a fireplace is a good second.  (My son sitting next to me, reading over my shoulder just asked, “But why?  Why can’t we have a bonfire every night?”  See above about my love for modern appliances.)

11. Good pedicures.  It is my firm belief that my everyone’s feet would look better with a little tlc.  Sandal wearing women, please take note.

12. Eyebrow threading.

13. Gluten free cinnamon rice chex.  I eat them right out of the box like it is a snack food because I am not a big fan of the cereal with milk combination.

14. Band-aids.  Without them what would I offer my kids for every imaginary bump and bruise that they endure.  Oh, and I suppose theya re rather handy for their intended purpose of keeping wounds clean and protected while they heal.

14. Mascara that doesn’t clump.

16. Control top ANYTHING that gives me the illusion of looking more trim.  I think that occurs because of the lack of blood flowing to the brain while wearing it.

So tell me, what are you thankful for this season?  After the family, friends, kids, etc.  What are the little things that bring joy to your life?

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Chris Jordan

Chris Jordan began blogging at Notes From the Trenches in 2004 where she wrote about her life raising her children in Austin, Texas.

Oh, she has seven of them. Yes, children. Yes, they...

Chris Jordan began blogging at Notes From the Trenches in 2004 where she wrote about her life raising her children in Austin, Texas.

Oh, she has seven of them. Yes, children.
Yes, they are all hers.
No she’s not Catholic or Mormon. Though she wouldn’t mind having a sister-wife because holy hell the laundry never stops.
Yes, she finally figured out what causes it. That’s why her youngest is a teen now.
Yes, she has a television.

She enjoys referring to herself in the third person.


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