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Atlanta's Best Family-Friendly Restaurants

Atlanta’s Best Family-Friendly Restaurants

By Kelcey Kintner

If you’re looking to travel and explore a new city, do not overlook Atlanta! There’s tons of stuff to do with kids. But of course, as soon as you arrive, your children will declare, “I’m hungry!” And in my experience, they keep saying it until you actually feed them.

Atlanta (aka the Hollywood of the South) does happen to be the headquarters for Chick-fil-A (yum!) but you may also want to seek out some other food possibilities. We set out to find fabulous restaurants (that are also kid friendly!).

Here are nine very yummy, completely kid-friendly places to eat with your children  (I personally tested it out with my brood of five) while visiting or living in Atlanta. I would eat at everyone one of these places again. In fact, I plan to.


1. H&F Burger (in Ponce City Market)

The Ponce City Market is this super cool, industrial space with lots of food stalls and shops in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward.

Atlanta's Best Family-Friendly Restaurants: H&F Burgers #AtlantaRestaurant #KidRestaurantAtlanta #AtlantaTravel #FamilyTravelAtlanta #FamilyTravel

It reminded me a lot of Chelsea Market in New York City.  And there’s a reason – it’s owned by the same developers. There are so many options for food at Ponce City Market and a great one is H&F Burger.

Atlanta Best Family-Friendly Restaurants: H&F Burgers #AtlantaRestaurant #KidRestaurantAtlanta #AtlantaTravel #FamilyTravelAtlanta #FamilyTravel

The place almost has a diner feel with long wooden counters and metal stools. We went in the early evening during the week and it wasn’t crowded at all. But be warned, Ponce City Market gets very crowded during the weekend so definitely be careful when you go if you have small children who don’t have a lot of patience. (Are there any small children with patience? Just wondering.)

The great thing about Ponce City Market is you can get your food to go and sit at tables in the shared public space. So not everyone has to eat at the same place! But if you do want to sit down for a casual meal with your family, definitely check out H & F Burger. It’s absolutely one of my favorites on this list.

Kid- Friendly Checklist:

High Chairs/Booster Seats: One high chair
Kid’s Menu: There isn’t a kids menu but there are several kid friendly options. There is a Mighty Jr. Burger for $7, a hotdog for $6 and grilled cheese for $4. I got a chopped salad which was delicious for $7. We also got two orders of fries (for only $2 each!) and there was plenty for all 6 of us. In fairness, my son Chase doesn’t eat fries but trust me, I ate his share. Every kid loved their food! The burgers and fries were amazing. Seriously.
Options for Kids on Adult Menu: Options are pretty much burgers, hotdogs and a few salads. So maybe not the best place for the kid who only eats chicken nuggets.
Activities for Kids: No activities
Speed of Service: Quick. I couldn’t believe how fast the food came.
Servers: Very Friendly. 
General Kid Friendly Vibe: I wouldn’t say it’s kid-focused but they are happy to have children there.
Prices: Very reasonable. $2 for fries! $4 for a grilled cheese!
Kids Cups: Plastic cups
Changing Tables: No
Family Bathroom: No, but there are family bathrooms in Ponce City Market
Parking: We had no problem finding parking but it can be difficult during busy times. Luckily, there is valet. Yay!
Location: Ponce City Market, 675 Ponce de Leon Ave NE, (404) 355-3762

2. Woody’s Cheesesteaks

You’ll find Woody’s Cheesesteaks just a few steps from Piedmont Park. It’s a small, unassuming place with lots of regulars.

Atlanta's Best Family-Friendly Restaurants: Woody's Cheesesteaks #AtlantaRestaurant #KidRestaurantAtlanta #AtlantaTravel #FamilyTravelAtlanta #FamilyTravel

There are not a ton of options but if you have a hankering for a yummy, super affordable cheesesteak, go immediately. I really like the laid back vibe of this place and definitely enjoyed bringing my kids there.

I couldn’t find parking in the small, kind of hilly lot but I was able to park just up the street.

Kid- Friendly Checklist:

High Chairs/Booster Seats: No high chairs or boosters seats. But there are booths that are pretty easy with kids.
Kid’s Menu: There is no kids menu.  There is a 10 inch cheesesteak (steak, chicken or veggie) for $6.95 and it can definitely be split between two children. There is also a hot dog for $3.75. There are chips for $1.25.
Options for Kids on Adult Menu: Yes. In addition to above, there are also cold subs.
Activities for Kids: None.
Speed of Service: Fast. You walk up to the counter, order and then sit down and wait for your meal to be ready.
Servers: None
General Kid Friendly Vibe: It’s very laid back so no one will care what your kids are up to. I know this because my son 4-year-old son Cash popped out a screen window and took down a whole rack of chips while we were there and no one seemed to really care.
Prices: Very reasonable. I fed myself and 5 kids for $29.
Kids Cups: Everyone uses styrofoam cups you fill on your own.
Changing Tables: No, but there is a big ledge in the tiny bathroom that could be used to change a baby in a pinch.
Family Bathroom: No. Just a very small, clean bathroom outside the restaurant.
Parking: The lot is very small, kind of hilly lot so it isn’t the easiest place to park. So we just found street parking which was a short walk away. But it was a slightly busy street so kids have to be watched carefully.
Location: 981 Monroe Dr NE, (404) 876-1939

3. Max’s Coal Oven Pizzeria

There are lots of great tourist attractions in downtown Atlanta like the Georgia Aquarium, The World of Coca Cola, Children’s Museum of Atlanta and The Center Civil and Human Rights. And after logging long hours at one of these places, you will be very hungry. Max’s Coal Oven Pizzeria is a great, very kid-friendly place to grab pizza and other Italian fare.

Atlanta's Best Family-Friendly Restaurants: Max's Coal Oven Pizzeria #AtlantaRestaurant #KidRestaurantAtlanta #AtlantaTravel #FamilyTravelAtlanta #FamilyTravel

Max’s is walking distance from these museums. Unfortunately I didn’t realize this. So we got our car out of the parking garage, attempted to drive to Max’s, got stuck in an hour of rush hour traffic and ended up parking back at the same garage. I really wish I was kidding. Don’t make this mistake. Just walk. It’s good for the heart, anyway!

Kid- Friendly Checklist:

High Chairs/Booster Seats: Both
Kid’s Menu: For $8, kids (10 and under) can have their choice of penne and meatball, small caesar salad, chicken breast strips or butter noodles. Includes a choice of beverage (juice, milk, tea or soda).
Options for Kids on Adult Menu: Definitely. A few of my kids ordered a pizza and ate a lot of my super yummy pizziola salad (red onion, cherry tomato, mixed greens, mozzarella). There are pastas ($13 to $15) and sandwiches ($9 to $10).
Activities for Kids: Crayons for coloring the kids menu
Speed of Service: So so. But it was super busy.
Servers: Friendly
General Kid Friendly Vibe: Very kid friendly. There were tons of children in there!
Prices: Reasonable.
Kids Cups: Yes, plastic cups with a top and straw.
Changing Tables: In the women’s bathroom.
Family Bathroom: Both the women’s room and the men’s room are a single bathroom so can easily be used as a family bathroom.
Parking: Street parking or there are numerous garages nearby.
Location: 300 Marietta St NW, (404) 974-2941

4. The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar

When my kids heard we were going to The Cowfish, they wrinkled their noses. It did not sound good. Who wants to eat a cowfish? But it’s actually an adorable concept. They serve sushi and burgers. And the kids’ meals come in these cute bento boxes.

Atlanta's Best Family-Friendly Restaurants: Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar #AtlantaRestaurant #KidRestaurantAtlanta #AtlantaTravel #FamilyTravelAtlanta #FamilyTravel

The biggest surprise? The Cowfish is actually a real fish. They even have one in the restaurant. And well, it looks like a cow. And a fish.

Atlanta's Best Family-Friendly Restaurants: The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar #AtlantaRestaurant #KidRestaurantAtlanta #AtlantaTravel #FamilyTravelAtlanta #FamilyTravel

Kids can even climb on a cowfish statue in front of the restaurant.

Atlanta Best Family-Friendly Restaurants: The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar #AtlantaRestaurant #KidRestaurantAtlanta #AtlantaTravel #FamilyTravelAtlanta #FamilyTravel

The restaurant is located at the Perimeter Mall but the entrance is on the outside.  And it’s really a nice, open space.

Atlanta's Best Family-Friendly Restaurants: The Cowfish Sushi Burger #AtlantaRestaurant #KidRestaurantAtlanta #AtlantaTravel #FamilyTravelAtlanta #FamilyTravel

There is only one major drawback… our food took a very long time. But even given the wait, I would take my kids back there again.

Kid- Friendly Checklist:

High Chairs/Booster Seats: Both
Kid’s Menu: Tons of kids options for age 10 and under. Kids can choose a Californial Roll ($7), Tempura Shrimp Roll ($7), Vegetarian Roll ($6), Dragon Bites which are grilled chicken chunks ($6), Gorilla Cheez which is grilled cheese ($6), Ninja Nuggets which are chicken nuggests ($6), PB&J Sushi roll which is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the shape of a suhi roll ($6), Mac & Cheese ($6) and The Cowfish Mini Burgers ($7). Kids get a choice of beverage and two sides. The side options are carrots, apples, oranges, edamame or fries.
Options for Kids on Adult Menu: It’s a big menu so there are lots of different sushi rolls and burgers. But honestly, there are so many kid options, even the pickiest eater will be able to find something. And you may want to end the meal with one of their amazing milkshakes ($6.50) which can definitely be split between more than one child.
Activities for Kids: Crayons and activities on the kids menu.
Speed of Service: SO slow. We ordered at 3:40 pm and the last person got their food at 4:25 pm. And the food didn’t come out all together. A few people got their food and then at least 5 minutes passed before others got their meals. If they can fix this situation, this place will be awesome.
Servers: Friendly enough
General Kid Friendly Vibe: Very kid-friendly. It has a very fun atmosphere inside. And outside, you can play games like a giant Connect Four, cornhole and that very frustrating game where you swing a piece of string with a ring on it and try to get it on a hook. Does anyone have any tips for that game? Please tell me.
Prices: The kids meals are very well-priced but since adults may end up ordering sushi, the bill can get high.
Kids Cups: Plastic cups with a top and straw
Changing Tables: In the women’s and men’s bathroom.
Family Bathroom: No.
Parking: It’s a mall parking lot so you might have to drive around a little bit to find a spot but we had no trouble finding one.
Location: 4400 Ashford Dunwoody Road (770) 225-0009

5. The Flying Biscuit

The Flying Biscuit is famous in Atlanta and even if it wasn’t, I’m pretty much up for anything that involves a biscuit because YUM.

This Flying Biscuit location is only a few blocks from Piedmont Park (which is like a mini Central Park) and less than a mile from the Center for Puppetry Arts which is adorable. If you have kids ages 8 and under, definitely check it out.

There is often a wait at this location because it’s very popular. On a Saturday at 11 am, the wait was 30 minutes for 6 people but we were probably seated in 20 to 25 minutes. And it was worth it!

Atlanta's Best Family-Friendly Restaurants: The Flying Biscuit #AtlantaRestaurant #KidRestaurantAtlanta #AtlantaTravel #FamilyTravelAtlanta #FamilyTravel

The Flying Biscuit serves breakfast all day, as well as other options, so everyone can pretty much get what they want. My 11 year old declared, “Best pancake ever!” And my food was delicious (and yes, of course I got biscuits!).

It’s a pretty cozy restaurant and some tables are separated from other tables by a glass divider. My 4 year old really enjoyed knocking on the glass and waving to other diners. I’m not sure the other customers enjoyed it quite as much.

Overall (despite the wait), this is a great place for kids and adults. And there is a Caribou Coffee shop right across the street so grab a latte to pass the time.  If you really don’t want to wait, the hostess suggested going at off-hours Monday through Thursday.

Kid- Friendly Checklist:

High Chairs/Booster Seats: Yes, both. 
Kid’s Menu: Kids options include Little Flyer (scrambled eggs, bacon and potatoes, $4.25), french toast ($3.25), pancake ($3.25), egg ($1.99), noodles ($3.25), cheese quesadilla ($3.25), grilled mac & cheese ($3.25), chicken strips ($5.50). All meals come with a biscuit. Kids eat free Monday – Thursday, 4 pm – 8 pm.
Options for Kids on Adult Menu: Definitely. My son got a side of bacon and toast. And my older daughter ordered two pancakes off the adult menu for $5.79.
Activities for Kids: Kids can color and do activities on the children’s menu.
Speed of Service:  Pretty good. It took about 20 minutes for the food to come during peak hours.
Servers: Very friendly. 
General Kid Friendly Vibe: Super nice vibe. They dealt with many changes in our orders and were so kind about it.
Prices: Very reasonable. $3.25 for a kids meal? That’s good stuff.
Kid’s Cups: Basic plastic cup with a lid and straw.
Changing Tables: No changing tables.
Family Bathroom: The women’s room and men’s room are single bathrooms so either could be used as a family bathroom.
Parking: We found parking just up the street.
Location: 1001 Piedmont Ave NE, (404) 874-8887

6. Fox Bros Bar-B-Q

When you ask the locals in Atlanta where to go for the best BBQ in the city, chances are they will answer Fox Bros Bar-B-Q.

Atlanta's Best Family-Friendly Restaurants: Fox Bros Bar-B-Q #AtlantaRestaurant #KidRestaurantAtlanta #AtlantaTravel #FamilyTravelAtlanta #FamilyTravel

This is a destination spot and it’s only about a 15 minute drive from the downtown tourist sites. Because it’s so popular, you will want to arrive there early with kids.

We got there at 5 pm on a Tuesday night and had no problem getting seated. By 6:30 pm, people were definitely waiting. We were quickly put into this alcove section which seems to be the designated children’s area. It’s near the bathrooms so it was fine by me.

One of my children declared the pulled pork sandwich as “the best ever” so that’s a pretty good endorsement. This is definitely a kid friendly place and worth a stop if you’ve got a craving for BBQ.

Kid- Friendly Checklist:

High Chairs/Booster Seats: Yes, both.
Kid’s Menu: Yes. Pulled pork sandwich ($6), chopped brisket sandwich ($6), grilled cheese ($5), chicken fingers ($5) and a corn dog ($5). All the kid meals are served with one side. There are a ton of sides to choose from including mac & cheese, french fries and tater tots. The kids menu says it’s for age 10 and under, with the purchase of an adult meal. But I was there with 5 kids and they let me order all kids meals. Kids meals have generous portions.
Options for Kids on Adult Menu: For sure. There are wings, sandwiches, salads and you can just order a side as a meal too.
Activities for Kids: Kids menu with activities and crayons.
Speed of Service: Food came in 10 minutes tops.   
Servers: Friendly
General Kid Friendly Vibe: Totally kid friendly. This is a laid back joint.
Prices: Reasonable.
Kid’s Cups: Plastic cup with a lid and straw.
Changing Tables: Yes, in both the women’s and men’s room.
Family Bathroom: No.
Parking: Parking lot but it gets crowded. Might have to park on the street.
Location: 1238 Dekalb Ave NE (404) 577-4030

7. Souper Jenny

I was Souper nervous about bringing my kids to Souper Jenny. (Sorry. I couldn’t help doing that. It won’t happen again.) The place is all about a small selection of freshly-made gourmet soups, salads and sandwiches so I had no idea what my my two picky eaters would do. But several Atlanta locals recommended this place so I knew the food was going to be good. You simply walk up and order your food and amazingly enough, I figured out food options for everyone!

Atlanta's Best Family-Friendly Restaurants: Souper Jenny #AtlantaRestaurant #KidRestaurantAtlanta #AtlantaTravel #FamilyTravelAtlanta #FamilyTravel

There was a very long line when we got there but it goes pretty fast because they serve you cafeteria style.

Souper Jenny has numerous locations around Atlanta and we visited the one at the Atlanta History Center in Buckhead. You can eat there without paying for admission. The place even has a kid-friendly area with a toy fridge, kitchen and table so your children can play while you relax and finish your meal.

Atlanta's Best Family-Friendly Restaurants: Souper Jenny (play area) #AtlantaRestaurant #KidRestaurantAtlanta #AtlantaTravel #FamilyTravelAtlanta #FamilyTravel

There is also a gourmet coffee bar here. This will help you work up the energy to actually visit the museum.

Kid- Friendly Checklist:

High Chairs/Booster Seats: Yes, both.
Kid’s Menu: No, there is really only an adult menu but you will find PB&Js and chocolate chip cookies. My 4 year old ate a PB&J on whole grain bread ($6), my 7 year old daughter (who eats everything) had a cup of the turkey chili ($4), my 11 year old and 13 year old had chicken artichoke soup ($6 for a bowl) and I had a half of broccoli and carrot salad ($4). We all shared a half order of fruit salad ($4) too. My 7 year old son (who is very picky) didn’t like any of the options but I asked the staff for some grilled chicken and they had it! (They had just pulled it out of the oven for the chicken artichoke soup and they were happy to put it on a plate for me.) And everyone loved the chocolate chip cookies ($1.50 each).
Options for Kids on Adult Menu: There is really only an adult menu.
Activities for Kids: Yes. A play kitchen area.
Speed of Service: Pretty fast given how long the line was
Servers: No servers but friendly staff
General Kid Friendly Vibe: When you first walk in, it doesn’t really feel kid friendly. Seems more like an adult lunch place. But they were extremely accommodating and the kids’ area is great.
Prices: Affordable.
Kid’s Cups: Cups for water. You serve yourself.
Changing Tables: Yes, in both the women’s and men’s room.
Family Bathroom: Yes.
Parking: Plenty of museum parking
Location: 130 West Paces Ferry Rd NW, (404) 295-6761

8. Superica

Superica is a Tex-Mex inspired restaurant at the Krog Street Market.  Similar to the Ponce City Market (mentioned above), Krog Street Market (a repurposed 1920s warehouse) is another fun, urban space with different market and food stalls, plus some anchor restaurants like Superica. Krog is much smaller than Ponce City Market but seems just as popular.

Superica has lots of space to sit down inside and outside.

Atlanta's Best Family-Friendly Restaurants: Superica #AtlantaRestaurant #KidRestaurantAtlanta #AtlantaTravel #FamilyTravelAtlanta #FamilyTravel

On a Sunday night, it was an hour and a half wait at 5:45 pm! Even though it was chilly, we ate outside. With the heat lamps and the blankets, we were actually quite comfortable.

The great thing about Mexican food is that your kids can immediately dig into the chips and salsa if they are hungry. It did take a little bit to get our food (about 25 minutes) but we had a big party of ten so that may have been a factor. The place was also very busy.

The food was yummy and if Tex-Mex is your jam, then definitely head there with your kiddos.

Kid- Friendly Checklist:

High Chairs/Booster Seats: Yes, both.
Kid’s Menu: All kids meals are $7. Kids have their choice of two chicken soft tacos, cheese quesadilla, two crispy beef tacos or bean and cheese nachos. All meals come with rice and beans, a kid’s drink and a popsicle.
Options for Kids on Adult Menu: Yes. It’s a pretty big menu with soups, salads, nachos and Mexican inspired dishes.
Activities for Kids: Kids menu that you can color.
Speed of Service: A bit slow but it was super busy and we had a big party.
Servers: Very-friendly
General Kid Friendly Vibe: Friendly! My 4 year old was definitely amped up (I’m sure it had nothing to do with the soda he tried for the first time at the World of Coca Cola a few hours earlier and was wandering all over the place. No one seemed to care!)
Prices: Reasonable.
Kids’ Cups: Plastic cup with straw.
Changing Tables: One unisex bathroom has a changing table.
Family Bathroom: All the bathrooms are individual unisex bathrooms and can be used as a family bathroom.
Parking: Parking can be a bit of a pain so if you can’t find parking, just valet. Or here’s a map to show you different lots where you can park.
Location: 99 Krog St NE, (678) 791-1310

9. Downwind Restaurant and Lounge

Downwind Restaurant and Lounge (looks like it is temporarily closed) is a very fun concept! Your family can eat while watching small planes land and take off from the DeKalb Peachtree Airport.

Atlanta's Best Family-Friendly Restaurants: Downwind Restaurant & Lounge #AtlantaRestaurant #KidRestaurantAtlanta #AtlantaTravel #FamilyTravelAtlanta #FamilyTravel

My 4 year old really liked the planes (almost as much as he liked pushing the buttons on the restaurant’s air conditioner). This place reminded me a lot of The Jet Runway Cafe in Fort Lauderdale that we reviewed but Downwind is not quite as upscale.

This place is very casual without a lot of ambiance. Which really makes it perfect for children. My son was running all around with a pack of boys and nobody cared at all. And if you have a child who loves planes, you must go here.

My kids all liked the food but know beforehand – you aren’t going for a gourmet meal. You’ll find basic stuff on the menu like burgers, sandwiches and fries. There is also a kitschy bar area with planes hanging from the ceiling.

Plus, there is a playground outside which is a really nice feature.

Kid- Friendly Checklist:

High Chairs/Booster Seats: Yes, both.
Kids’ Menu: All kids meals are $5.50. Choices include grilled cheese, hot dog or chicken fingers. The meals come with apple sauce or fries.
Options for Kids on Adult Menu: Definitely. Two of my daughters shared chicken wings and a cup of soup. I shared a burger with another daughter.
Activities for Kids: Watching the planes! Also, a kids’ menu that you can color and do activities.
Speed of Service: Fast. Within 15 minutes.
Servers: Friendly.
General Kid Friendly Vibe: Very child friendly. I don’t think I saw anyone eating here that didn’t have kids with them.
Prices: Quite affordable.
Kid’s Cups: Plastic cups with straws
Changing Tables: One in the men’s room and women’s room.
Family Bathroom: No. 
Parking: Plenty of parking.
Location: 2000 Airport Road,  770 452-0973


So if i were to pick a favorite kid-friendly restaurant in Atlanta from the batch? Really tough call. I loved H & F Burger at Ponce City Market and Fox Brother BBQ. The Flying Biscuit was also super delicious and I’m still craving those biscuits. And The Cowfish Sushi Burger will become one of my faves if the management can get the kinks worked out when it comes to the service.

But honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of these restaurants. Do you have a favorite Atlanta restaurant that you frequent with your kids? Tell us about it!

Alpha Mom paid for all the meals reviewed here. 

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