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Tried & True Playdate Packing Tips (have your help out)

Tried & True Playdate Packing Tips

By Maria Colaco

This post is sponsored by Huggies

Getting out of the house with a toddler in tow can be a challenge. Between packing up the stroller, toys, diapers, snacks, water bottle, change of clothes (along with my wallet and phone)… the must-haves of what you need when leaving the house with your active toddler can seem endless. Thomas and I spend most mornings at our local playground or meeting up with friends for playdates. It’s our morning routine and we are home by lunch for the much welcomed afternoon nap. Thomas is like most other toddlers… on the move. Falling into things, climbing onto any structure (including our pet dog) and constantly eating. I always have a full supply of healthy snacks for him no matter where we go.

Tried & True Playdate Packing Tips (have your help out)

And, we definitely never leave home without a few diapers. Huggies has brand new diapers and wipes at Costco and we especially like the Huggies Little Movers Plus Diapers because of the trusted leak lock system, which provides up to 12 hours of protection. We like to have leisurely playdates and after all the effort to get out of the house it’s important to me that Thomas is happy and comfortable while we’re out and about. Huggies Little Movers Plus give me that peace of mind as the most absorbent diapers for day and night protection.

Here are some tried and true tips that have worked for me when packing and preparing for playdates.

5 Essential Tips For Packing For a Playdate

Bring snack containers: Having multiple snack containers is very helpful. Toddlers like to do things for themselves so having small containers with individual snacks allows toddlers to feed themselves independently. These containers can even be individual zip-top baggies. And, the bonus is that if one snack container falls in the sand pit, you haven’t lost all your snacks.

Tried & True Playdate Packing Tips with Huggies

Stay hydrated: A water bottle is a must everywhere we go. I toss a slice of lemon or a few berries in the water to infuse it with flavor. Thomas likes sliced strawberries in his cold water.

Pack a picnic blanket: Always carry a picnic blanket or a towel to sit on. The playgrounds around us have beautiful parks and hiking trails and we love to sit and picnic while snacking.

 Manage your toys: Packing a couple favorite toys are always a must. Thomas knows that if he takes a toy to the park he has to share it with others. If going to a park, a large plastic digger or sand toys are ideal. I stay away from small toys or dolls because they get dirty or lost pretty quickly.

Pack enough diapers and wipes: You can’t leave home without plenty of diapers and wipes. We have little zipped plastic baggies with extra diapers and wipes everywhere. I keep extras in the stroller, the trunk of the car, in all my bags. Making sure we have diapers in the diaper bag before heading out is Thomas’s job. He takes it very seriously and is only too happy to pack up his Huggies Little Movers Plus ‘Mickey’ Diapers and Huggies Natural Care Plus Wipes, which are thicker and more durable, perfect for messes during playtime and cleanup afterwards. These diapers and wipes are brand new at Costco, and I love knowing I’m giving Thomas products that are designed to give babies positively premium baby care.

Tried & True Playdate Packing Tips by Maria Colaco for Alpha Mom

Thomas also carries his own separate small backpack that is packed with a diaper, a small bag of wipes, a toy and snack. It’s his “little adventure bag “and he loves carrying it anywhere we go. The Mickey Mouse character design on the Huggies Little Movers Plus Diapers encourages him to help me get our playdate bags (his and mine) ready. And, ‘go’ is the operative word for this stage in Thomas’ development. Thomas is always on the move and Huggies Little Movers Plus Diapers’ double grip strips help him stay comfy because the diapers move with him while he’s on the go. Head over to Costco for daily savings on Huggies Little Movers Plus Diapers and Huggies Natural Care Plus Wipes.


About the Author

Maria Colaco

Maria Colaco lives in New York with her two kids, husband and giant dog.  She’s a social media consultant and freelance writer. Maria’s work can be found at

Maria Colaco lives in New York with her two kids, husband and giant dog.  She’s a social media consultant and freelance writer. Maria’s work can be found at where she dishes about fashion, travel, food, parenting and art.  In her life before kids, Maria was a professional dancer and choreographer and travelled the world making dances, these days she kisses boo boos and slays dragons!

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