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The Best Thanksgiving Crafts and Traditions

By Melissa Summers

I realized this morning there are just two weeks until Thanksgiving. I somehow convinced myself that days do not add up to weeks and it was still the beginning of November. Now is the time to get organized for the first of the fall and winter holidays.
I am a huge fan of Thanksgiving because it lacks the high pressure and materialistic qualities of the December holidays. I love how it’s the official start of the season of celebrations and memories for kids.
I also think it’s the perfect time to teach kids to reflect on the previous year and all the things they have to be grateful for before the onslaught of consumerism in the following weeks.
Thanksgiving Crafts
At Wondertime they have this great branch and paper leaf Thanksgiving centerpiece. I love the idea of setting up a simple craft for the kids at your Thanksgiving dinner all gathered around to create the centerpiece for dinner.
Thanksgiving Crafts
I also love the Thanksgiving Tree idea, which is a variation on the Wondertime centerpiece. Using real branches or a construction paper tree, things you’re grateful for are written on construction paper leaves and hung on the tree. We’ve done this in the past, using real branches arranged in a vase with paper leaves to attach, and have loved seeing what small things my kids notice to be thankful for each day in November.
Thanksgiving Crafts
I attended an amazing Thanksgiving meal last year with a dear friend’s extended family. During dinner everyone at the 19 person table mentioned something they were thankful for and I was most thankful that family isn’t just the people you were born related to. I really like the symbolism of this Kernels of Thanks idea from Family Fun. Each place setting gets three kernels of corn. A basket goes around the table and each person tells something they’re thankful for until all the kernels are in the basket.
Thanksgiving Crafts
As a child my brother and I always got to break the wishbone after our Thanksgiving meal, until we had cousins visiting or my sister figured out she wanted a piece of the action. I bought these wishbones for a party earlier this year when my husband and I were trying to sell our house. I think they’d be great at a large Thanksgiving party so no one has to fight over the one lone turkey wishbone, there are plenty for everyone.
My family of origin had other Thanksgiving traditions, like my father arguing about nothing with his siblings until there were tears and green jello with a dollop of mayonnaise on it as a side dish. I like these options a lot more.
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Melissa Summers
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Melissa Summers

Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.


Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.

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  • I really love the Wondertime branches. Very cute.
    The kids in my extended family traditionally makes those little Oreo/candy turkey jobbies while the adults drink too much wine and eat a lot of the malted milk ball turkey bodies. My teeth hurt just thinking about this, actually.

  • Angela

    My family has done the corn kernel thank you idea. The corn was actually from my dad’s field too.
    I love Thanksgiving for the same reasons as Melissa.