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Pink is my favorite color but only in October

By Melissa Summers

A friend called this week to let me know she’d found a lump in her breast and it concerned her doctor. She’s going this week for a mammogram to get a better look at it and in the mean time I am attempting to not totally freak out. I am trying not to freak out because friends are supposed to be calm voices of reason in times like this. Friends aren’t supposed to add to the anxiety someone feels when the word cancer is thrown around in relation to one’s breasts. This is only going marginally well. I’m not oozing my anxiety onto her but there is a ball of swirling anxiety in my stomach.
Ironically and aptly October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. My friends and I were talking about breast exams and two of them said they always forget to do breast exams. I was utterly shocked. I can’t keep my hands off mine! I do self exams without really thinking about it in the shower. My mother survived breast cancer so I’ve always believed I’d eventually get it. Maybe that’s why I’m so breast conscious. But promise me you’ll try to feel yourself up at least once a month. You can download a Breast Self Exam card at the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation website. Early detection is so important.

Also important is raising money for research and a cure and October is an easy month to do it.
ProFlowers has a ‘Pink Ribbon Collection‘ where 10% of the purchase price goes to the Susan G. Komen Cancer Foundation. I’m particularly fond of the orchid.
M&M’s are being sold in a ‘Promise Blend’ made up of dark pink and white M&M’s, with the breast cancer ribbon on the front and ‘For the Cure’. The dark pink and white candies can also be imprinted with your own custom message to honor someone you love.
Kitchenaid has a couple ways to support breast cancer research. The suggest ‘Cooking For The Cure‘, hosting a dinner party and collecting donations for the Susan G Komen Cancer Foundation at the same time. Alternately, you can buy pink small appliances and kitchen gear which, when registered, generate a donation to the Susan G Komen Cancer Foundation.
If you buy Quilted Northern toilet paper, you can also help raise money for cancer research. By registering a product code or mailing in a UPC code, each code is a 50 cent donation to the Susan G Komen Cancer Foundation.
Have you heard of Sprinkles Cupcakes. They’re just about the cutest little things you can put in your mouth. October 1-14 all proceeds from the sale of their strawberry cupcakes to the Entertainment Industry Foundation’s Women’s Cancer Research Fund.
The Spoon Sisters have a large selection of products which raise up to 10% of the purchase price to the Komen Cancer Foundation. I love this tonal melamine bowl set, the manufacturer donates 5% to the foundation and Spoon Sisters donates 10% of the retail price as well.
Sephora and Bare Escentuals are selling this set of Rose Radiance All-Over Face Color, Rose Radiance Lip Gloss, plus a Heavenly Face Brush. A portion of the sale price goes to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. They’re also offering this Smashbox set with proceeds going to the National Breast Cancer Coalition and this pocket brush with $1 from each sale going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
Wacoal is hosting Fit For the Cure events. For every woman who participates in a bra fitting at a Wacoal fit event, the company will donate $2 to the Susan G. Komen Cancer Foundation. Find an event near you by entering your zip code at the bottom of the page. Not only will you help support cancer research, you’ll get the right bra and that can change your entire outlook.
A lot of breast cancer jewelry is a little garish for my taste. I like to subtly nod at the causes I choose to support, not scream about it. This Laura Gibson bracelet is something I’d wear, it’s with freshwater cultured pearls, rose quartz, pink tourmaline, white crystal and a small pink breast cancer charm. 10% of the purchase price goes to the Susan G Komen Foundation.
What have I missed, what ways do you support cancer research, especially during Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

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Melissa Summers

Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.


Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.

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