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DIY Air Fresheners for Father's Day by Brenda Ponnay for

DIY Air Fresheners for Father’s Day

By Brenda Ponnay

This craft is ripe for stinky dad jokes but don’t let that dissuade you and the kids from making it as a Father’s Day gift. Dad will love it; it’s super fun and easy to make!

DIY Air Fresheners for Father's Day

Supplies for making air fresheners for Father's Day (stickers, hot glue, hole punch, twine)

Supplies needed for Air Fresheners

  • Our handy printable (see below)
  • dryer sheets (2)
  • felt in any color you like
  • elastic string or twine (A note about elastic string: most air fresheners use elastic string because it makes it easy to fit around a rear-view mirror. If you choose to use twine you will have to untie the twine to fit it over the mirror.)
  • large-eyed needle
  • a hot glue gun* (or substitute with regular white craft glue; just allow for extra drying time.)
  • scissors
  • hole punch (optional)
  • pins

DIY Air Fresheners for Father's Day (tutorial)

Directions to make Air Fresheners

First choose and print out your printable here:

If you would like to color your own cars and designs for the air fresheners, choose the black and white coloring sheet version and the kids can color it in with colored pencils or crayons. This  is extra fun for a homemade touch that any dad will love.

After you have printed out your sheets, cut out the shapes along the black line. Then lay them on top of a dryer sheet and the black felt. You can use double stick tape to keep them from moving around if you like.  You will need to use two dryer sheets most likely if you choose to do all the cut-outs. Pin the felt and dryer sheet together to keep it from moving.

Cut the dryer sheet and felt carefully, following along the edge of the printable. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect. It’s much easier to trim and even things up after the next step which is gluing.

Using a hot glue gun* carefully glue the felt to the dryer sheet. Be extra careful not to touch the hot glue since it will seep through the dryer sheet. Then glue the paper sheet on top. Trim any edges, that need it, with scissors.

Using a large-eyed needle, thread your elastic string or twine and stick it through each air freshener at the top. If you have a small hole punch you can make a hole first; but if you don’t it’s not a big deal. The needle will do the trick. Then, tie your string or twine into a loop.

Now you are ready to gift your dad! You can put them all in a sandwich-sized plastic bag and top with our packaging topper (see above for the printable) or just gift them individually.

Father's Day air fresheners hanging in a closet and in a car

Remind dad that these air fresheners work great in cars or a closet!

Happy Father's Day air freshener craft

Happy Father’s Day!

*ALWAYS be careful when using a hot glue gun and have a responsible adult do this step. If you are worried about burning yourself you can use regular white craft glue too. Just allow for extra drying time.


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About the Author

Brenda Ponnay

Brenda Ponnay is an author and illustrator who loves to craft and make big messes when she’s not working on her books. Whether it’s painting, baking, drawing, making castles out of card...

Brenda Ponnay is an author and illustrator who loves to craft and make big messes when she’s not working on her books. Whether it’s painting, baking, drawing, making castles out of cardboard boxes or just doing the laundry with flair, Brenda Ponnay has learned that what really makes her happy is being creative every single day.

You can read about all her crazy adventures on her personal blog: Secret Agent Josephine.

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