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No Wonder HSM3 Rocks the Charts

By Denise Restauri

High School Musical 3: Senior Year rolled into first place: best opening ever for a movie musical. $42 million. HSM3 keeps reality at a safe distance and tween girls are responding with votes of “love it!” and “gotta see it again.” That’s because tween girls want to escape. Sometimes from themselves. Sometimes from their mothers. Here are 2 blogs by 2 girls. The girls who are raving about HSM 3. Could one of these girls be your daughter?

From a 12-year-old girl:
“Okay so, I was staring in the mirror earlier checking for any bumps and of course I have one on my nose, and all on my hairline. which most people get bumps on their hairline, but thats not the reason I’m writing this blog. I know this may sound weird, but behind those bumps I found a message. I mean life was so much easier whenever we were 7 and 8 years old. You could carry around a barbie doll without anyone saying anything. Now that i’m becoming a (teenager) young woman as my mother likes to call it i’ve realized that life is so complicated now. You have to worry about a variety of things like boys, pimples, what clothes you wear, does your hair look good, or are you going to fit the “standards,” to be in the “it,” group. Behind those bumps the message I found was that life is short so don’t worry about any of those things. When you leave this earth you won’t be judged on whether you had a boyfriend didn’t have a boyfriend, your clothes were expensive or not expensive, or you were in the it group. No none of that matters what really matters is if you are kind to each other, have faith, love others, and just cherish every moment in life that the Lord gives you. So, you see that I found a message, A very important message. Don’t worry about that other stuff.”

From a 13-year-old girl:
“I really can’t. I can’t make my family proud or anything. I can’t do a single thing right. Its like…all I do is disappoint everyone! And then I see teenage couples together and…I read about them and…I want someone to love me like that. I want someone to really truly care about me. And like me for me. But I don’t have anyone like that. My so-called “Friends” won’t email me. One of them just ditched me on IM right now and school SUCKS. I’m home schooled, but I almost wish I was in a public school…. god. I’m so sick of it. Its like my mom thinks I’m perfect and that I should get 100% on EVERYTHING and its just…ah. I’m NOT perfect. I’m not anything. Why won’t anyone just see that and love me for who I am? Not what they want me to be? I’m sick of everyone just yelling at me. Nobody asks me how I am. I always ask how they are. No….of course they don’t care about me. I say, “I got your back” to girls….but you know what? They don’t say it to me. Nobody has got my back. Nobody cares. And I just can’t take it any longer….”


About the Author

Denise Restauri

As the founder of, the safe social networking site for tween girls, Denise Restauri is directly tapped into the tween girl world every day.


As the founder of, the safe social networking site for tween girls, Denise Restauri is directly tapped into the tween girl world every day.

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