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Thumbprint Art Ideas for Kids

By Melissa Summers

I decided to do thumbprint art with the kids this week because I have a lot of boxes in my house and not a lot of time and this project is really pretty simple. Paper, ink pads (which we had to buy because I packed ours up) and inspiration.

The best source of inspiration are Ed Emberley’s classic books. We don’t own these books, but used the ‘search inside’ feature to collect some ideas. After finishing this project and burning about 3 hours of daylight, total over 3 days, I’ve decided to buy the book after all.

We also gathered ideas from Chef Messy who used thumbprint art at the ceramics studio. We stuck to card stock and mostly experimented but did make a couple of cards for friends, a few bookmarks (though the contact paper has been packed so that step will have to wait and several comic book like stories. Overall great big fun.

My table got a little bit of ink on it and I didn’t buy the washable stamp pads because they were $2 more for each one and I can’t believe how cheap I am. I’ll be walking around with a blue thumb for the next week but by God I saved $6! Next time I’ll buy washable ink and also cover the table in the same white paper I used when we conquered painting. I think my kids would love coloring the entire sheet. I could have done that this time but the paper is….you guessed it! Packed up!

Here are the kids hard at work.
Thumbprint art
Kids creating thumbprint art
Max created this three headed man and I love him. You can’t see but the heads are sad, happy and angry. Just like Max in the span of 30 minutes!
Thumbprint art on paper
Maddie was quite fond of creating monkeys.
Thumbprint art: monkeys
For all her creativity, she tends to fall back on Spongebob characters which is why we have a cat named Gary.
blue and red thumbprint art
I couldn’t resist and made this conga line we’re making into a bookmark.
Thumbprint art - little creatures dancing
All our hands were messy but guess what? I didn’t even care because as you may have heard my house is not on the market anymore! So put paint where ever you want kids. Okay, not really……
ink pad stained hands
The best thing about this project is I now have my kids fingerprints on file with the FBI, they’re a shady couple of kids you know.

Coming Thursday I’ll prove it really is National Ice Cream Month.

Melissa Summers
About the Author

Melissa Summers

Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.


Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.

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