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Mother’s Day Jewelry Shopping Guide

By Isabel Kallman

Jewelry is probably one of the most gifted items during Mother’s Day and though I can fill pages with my recommendations for specific items, the truth is that it is something very very personal. I don’t know your mother, mother-in-law, daughter or wife.
However, I do know that there are a number of fantastic online retailers which are flush in jewelry I would love to own. So, instead I’m recommending online retailers that consistently merchandise well in in jewelry.

Kung Fu Panda World

By Isabel Kallman

My 7-year old son has just hit the age that he’s really getting into games in general. Sure, he liked the Wii and some board games just fine. But now he’s learning skill and strategy and I have to admit that I love it. As kids my husband and I were avid game players and we still love playing cards. It’s about time our genes started expressing themselves in our offspring. Our latest fave is Kung Fu Panda World, Dreamworks Animation’s first foray in to the online space.