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My 10 Most Memorable Moments at the Mom 2.0 Summit

By Isabel Kallman
mom 2.0 summit

Photo by Holly Hoyt Photography

I am still recovering from the wonderful first annual Mom 2.0 Summit this past weekend. Thank you to Kirtsy and OpMom for organizing and executing a productive work and social event.

This list is inspired by Holly Buchanan’s recap post of the Mom 2.0 Summit (you should read it, it’s great). I don’t think this qualifies as a meme, yet.

These are in no particular order….

1) Meeting online friends face-to-face for the first time.
Yes, I am still amazed at the friendships that I have formed online, particularly now that Twitter is the right tool for me to have awesome conversations. I was so excited at finally (!) meeting Stefania of CityMama, Marie of Make and Takes, Ciaran of Momfluential, Jodi of Multitasking Mommy, Allison of Petit Elephant, Joanne of Pundit Mom, and of course Cecily of Uppercase Woman.

2) Being asked to be a mentor.
I am honored to have been asked to be a mentor to a well-established blogger whom I respect very much. I am surprised how touched I am by the request.

3) Dinner with existing and new web friends at T’Afia in Houston.
I was able to venture beyond the hotel walls to have dinner at an amazing restaurant with Mediterranean cuisine with fresh foods all sourced locally. Chef/ Owner Monica Pope took wonderful care of our large group (which included an infant). If I lived locally I would be there every week bogarting the free hors d’oeuvres served Tues thru Thurs in the lounge.

4) Hosting CheeseburgHer 2.0
That’s right, we did it again. Me and my dear friends Lindsay of Suburban Turmoil and Yvonne of Joy Unexpected hosted another CheeseburgHer party. This one was sponsored by Burger King (you da best for taking a bet on us!). Looky here, we even had a special CheeseburgHer logo made because we hope to make this an official ongoing tradition.
CheeseburgHer Party Logo

Lindsay, Yvonne and I had a blast running around with trays passing out BK cheeseburgers to past and new CheeseburgHer partygoers. The look on the faces of clueless new CheeseburgHer party people who happily put paper bags and BK crowns on their heads as they played along with our tradition… priceless.

CheeseburgHer Party

Photo courtesy of suburbanturmoil

5) Holly Buchanan’s intro during her keynote panel
A petite woman, Holly Buchanan, author of the Soccer Mom Myth, taught us all about effective presentations when she stood up, with a frosted cupcake in hand, and explained that the magic in marketing to women is all about finding the cupcake. Brilliant. Read her website if you want to learn more about the proverbial cupcake.

6) Finding the “cupcake” at Mom 2.0
He is 9 months old, named Jasper and belongs to Her Bad Mother’s Catherine Connors.

7) Hanging out in the Four Season’s “presidential suite”
Probably not presidential, but a palatial suite. Either calculated or not, Mom 2.0 felt like a much less frenetic conference than others. I definitely had more opportunity to hang out and have discussions both professional and social. The palatial suite housing Catherine of Her Bad Mother as well as Kristen and Julie of Parent Bloggers Network served as unofficial headquarters for discussions ranging from kindergarten schedules to trademark defense.

We were also able to sneak in some leftover Burger King Cheeseburgers. Did you know that you if you reheat in the microwave for one minute at 50%, your cheeseburger will be perfectly nuked? Now you know!

8) Presenting at a conference for the first time.
Yes, I did it. Thank you Mom 2.0 for asking me to speak. I was able to highlight Bossy’s Excellent Road Trip and her Saturn car sponsorship as an example of elegant product integration. Thank you Jenny, The Bloggess for being a supportive face in the audience.

9) Her Bad Bra flying into the air
Yes, in jest, Catherine Connors of Her Bad Mother flung her nursing bra at youngish Yanni Voices member, Nathan Pacheco, who took it like a great sport. Well done young man. You have earned your mommy blogger cred.

10) Suddenly realizing that my bloggy friends are the teachers in the room.
True that many of the presenters and speakers have held court at other conferences, like BlogHer. But there was an omnipresent nurturing quality to this conference that was like no other. At one point during an expert talk round robin, I suddenly looked up and realized that the vast majority of the “experts” were my friends. They were the teachers, not the students in the room. Oh boy, did my chest expand a couple of sizes with pride.

Notes to Self:
1) Tell everyone to attend Mom 2.0 Summit next year.
2) Must throw another CheeseburgHer Party at BlogHer.
3) Make sure Her Bad Mother is at every conference I attend.

Photo courtesy of Suburban Turmoil

Isabel Kallman
About the Author

Isabel Kallman

Isabel Kallman is the founding mom of

Feel free to send nice emails to isabel[at]alphamom[dot]com.


Isabel Kallman is the founding mom of

Feel free to send nice emails to isabel[at]alphamom[dot]com.

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Motherhood Uncensored

You are so approachable and offer such a wealth of no nonsense knowledge. It’s so refreshing to be in your presence. Truly.


It was a pleasure to meet you also! You are a true inspiration and an amazing woman.


You are just as nice and beautiful in person as you are on the internet, and I am glad more people got to see that.
Also, Catherine is awesome and fabulous.
I will not miss this next year.
AND, anyone would be so lucky to have you as a mentor. Lucky blogger.

Busy Mom

Fun pictures and great re-cap!
I really wanted to go, but I’m looking forward to next year.

Her Bad Mother

You, my friend, are spectacular and awesome and smart as hell and it was SUCH a pleasure and privilege to hang out with this past weekend.
And I, for one, want to make sure that *you’re* at every conference that *I* attend.

Gwen Bell

It is always a pleasure to get to spend some time with you, lady. This logo takes the cake. Or the burgher as the case may be. <3

Robyn Popham

Isabel, I was so glad that I met you I felt like a sponge trying to take in all your knowledge. You were so kind to me and had so many great ideas for me. I hope to be in touch with you again soon. And I am excited to hear that you will be at BlogHer too!

Amanda (Mom Blog)

What a great recap of Mom 2.0 summit. While I didn’t get to attend – maybe next year if there is one? I may get to go.
I’m so glad I got to meet you at the Pampers event and hope to see you again!

april~living the sweet life

It was great to meet you. I can’t wait to chat more at BlogHer.


It was spectacular meeting you in person too after all this chatting online. You rock! And you are so much more gorgeous than your photos hint!


Great recap! Loved seeing you again and hanging out in the back of the room at the Yanni presentation. Your presentation was terrific. Look forward to running into you again next year!


Bossy was already jealous, now she is SICK she didn’t attend.

Aimee Greeblemonkey

You, my friend, are awesome. Warm, generous, smart, and FUNNY. Loved hanging out with you.

Mrs. Flinger

Since licking you was by far one of my highlights from BlogHer 08, I’m certain to attend the BlogHer 09 Cheeseburger party. Alas, I have no nursing bra to fling, but damn, I’m a flinger! I’ll find something. (Girdle, perhaps?)
Note to self: Attend Summit 2.0 next year.


It was SO great to get to see you and hang out a little bit and I hope there will be more opportunities in the future. And may I say you look lovely with that cheeseburger bag on your head! 😉

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom)

YOU were definitely a highlight for Susan and me!
Isabel, you are such an incredible, generous and FUN woman — spending time with you is inspiring and energizing. THANK YOU for all your encouragement!

Suburban Turmoil

Just now found this and it was like reliving it all over again! Can’t wait to see you again in July! 🙂 Mwah!