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Shopping Deal Websites

By Melissa Summers

starbuckscup.gifStarbucks is hosting their 2nd annual Coffee Break on Thursday, March 15th. Between 10 and 12 noon all Starbucks stores in the US and Canada will be giving out free Tall cups of coffee. To find a store near you turn around and there it is. Or, if you want an actual answer and not just my witty exaggerations, check their website.

teacups.jpgI tried for many hours to come up with some items to go along with free coffee. Free coffee is sort of just that: coffee which doesn’t require money from you. It’s difficult to draw that out into an entire post. I don’t really drink coffee at home so I’m mostly unfamiliar with the gear you need to actually have coffee in your home. Do you need a hat or your own barista in your pantry or something? I did see these mugs a few months ago at Shelteriffic and they tickled me and might be an exception to my ‘No Coffee Mug’ gift rule. As a child, my mother had a love affair with coffee. As a result my homework was often turned in with that irritating coffee ring stain from my mother’s coffee cup. Valeria Miglioli and Barnaby Barford may have saved me many years of coffee ring irritation with these lovely stamp cups. My mother’s irritating inability to keep her coffee off my damn homework could have been artwork.

mugdelight.jpgReading about coffee mugs though is generally as boring as opening a coffee mug gift on your birthday. Getting coffee free started me thinking about bargain hunting. So I thought we’d find a few lovely things deeply discounted today. I stopped first at and are they reading my mind? Today’s deal is a….coffee mug. So that’s two coffee mugs for you. That’s all I’m finding for you because looking for coffee mugs makes me fall asleep.
flask.jpgNext I stopped at the at Restoration Hardware where I found a few nice little things. Like this key chain flask for just $8.99. It holds just one ounce of liquid so it’s perfect for the amateur drinker, someone like my mother who gets drunk from breathing the air near alcohol. Or maybe as a moderation “helper” for that alcoholic uncle who ruins every family event.

charades.jpgThis Charades game is over half off, I think it would make a nice stocking stuffer for next year or a birthday gift for an older child. The description says ages 7 and up but my 8.5 year old would never be able to guess “Girl With A Pearl Earring”, the one example stick I can read from the picture. When will the public schools stop babying our third graders and work on Vermeer? I know you can play charades without prompts but if you do that in my family you’re guessing “Sponge Bob Square Pants” All Night Long.
roadster.jpgI always wanted to buy my kids a pedal car, a nice old one they could hand down to their own kids one day. But every one we found at the local flea market was prohibitively expensive. This Roadster Classic Pedal car is still pretty pricey but at $128.99, it’s just over half off. I know a few grandparents who would like to give this present to their grandchildren. These Jumbo Circus Animals are also half off but if any of my children’s grandparents send these things into my 1200 square foot home, I will pummel someone.

anntaylorloft.jpgI stopped over at Mir’s Want Not and found a great sale on linens. Many items at Designer Linens Outlet are marked down to 65% and with Mir’s help you also have a code for 30% off. If only I needed more sheets. Need is such an ugly word. I also browsed Fishing For Deals for something wonderful and found this code for $25 off $50 at Ann Taylor Loft. I’ve decided to break my 5 year strike against shorts this summer, so guess where I’ll be looking. Finally, just to keep you shopping in case you wanted to be well aware of things you need but didn’t realize it until just this minute. There’s the deal a day sites like Woot,Delight and coming soon….OneMommieGoodie. I hope their first goodie is that key chain flask, just because the hackles would raise all across America.
(Delight’s deal from March 12th inspired me for Thursday’s buzz off.)


(These promotions have ended)

Published March 13, 2007. Last updated August 29, 2018.
Melissa Summers
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Melissa Summers

Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.


Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.

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