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Intercoastal Waterway at Hersheypark: 20 Tips, Tricks and Must-Do Attractions for Families

Hersheypark: 20 Tips, Tricks and Must-Do Attractions for Families

By Amalah

This post is sponsored by Pepsi with its partner Hersheypark 

Confession Time: Prior to our visit to Hersheypark, we’d NEVER attempted an amusement park with our three kids (ages 10, 7 and 5). It just seemed…stressful. Confusing and expensive and how would we keep all three of them entertained and above all, not lost? I pictured an entire day wasted waiting in long lines, with either my youngest feeling left out or my oldest bored out of his mind.

Absolutely none of that stuff was true for Hersheypark. There’s a ton of stuff for all ages to enjoy, and lots of opportunities for even bigger families like ours to enjoy TOGETHER. My kids can’t wait to go back, and neither can we, because it really was a blast. Here are my park recommendations AND some park strategy tips to help you and your family make the most out of your day or days in Hershey, PA, the sweetest place on Earth.


  • Download the Hersheypark app. The Hersheypark app is like a personal park concierge on your phone. You can buy your tickets, see current ride wait times and any closing information, get info on shows, animal exhibits, character walks, and more. Customize the GPS-enabled map and sort rides by height classifications, set your own wait time alerts to know if there’s a break in the line for your favorite rides (that happens randomly for almost every ride at the park, and it’s awesome)…and of course, find the nearest bathroom!!
  • Get there right when the park opens. The big crowds don’t flood in until mid- to late afternoon. It’s amazing how much you can see and do in those first few hours.

Hersheypark: 20 Tips, Tricks and Must-Do Attractions for Kids

  • If the water rides are your thing, do them first. They are much further away from the front gate but it’s worth making the long walk in the morning when everybody’s at their peak energy point. The lines will be short (or even non-existent), and then you can work your way back slowly to the front gate throughout the rest of the day, going in the opposite direction of the crowds.
  • You’ll need to bring your own towels and a change of clothes. (Note you can only walk around in just a bathing suit in the water ride area, the park asks everyone to cover up elsewhere.) We rented a locker for valuables but snagged some chair real estate by the Shore wave pool for our towels, sunscreen, shoes, etc. This gave us a permanent meeting spot for the day (great for when we had to split the kids up because of height differences) and also a great place to just sit in some shade and rest or have a snack or drink.
  • If your hotel offers a shuttle, TAKE IT. If you’re comparison-shopping hotels, put a park shuttle in your top priority list. Not only does this save on the cost and hassle of parking, it saves little legs a long, arduous walk through a huge (and I do mean HUGE) parking lot at the end of the day. My kids barely made it back to the front turnstiles, so it was a huge relief to only have to walk a few more steps to a bus.


  • Tidal Force.  Tidal Force is a hybrid coaster and water flume, this HUGE splash-down ride gets you absolutely, positively soaked. If the height and speed is too much for your kids (all three of mine loved it, although the five-year-old was annoyed that his “hair got wet”), there’s a great “splash zone” at the base of the ride where you can stand and get a nice, cooling mini-waterfall.

The Shore at Hersheypark: 20 Tips, Tricks and Must-Do Attractions for Families

  • The Shore. We made a direct beeline for The Shore wave pool first thing and I’m so glad we did. We were able to claim some chairs in the shade (see Tip #4), relax and get our plan mapped out, and the pool is appropriate for all ages and heights so we got great photos of all the boys together.
  • East Coast Waterworks. Again, East Coast Waterworks is another wonderful all-ages water attraction that has something for everybody. Seven water slides, two crawl tunnels, and nearly 600 interactive water toys. (It’s also fully enclosed and supervised, so you can relax and let your kids scatter in all directions without worry!) My older boys were alllllll about the bigger slides, while my youngest had a blast exploring the maze of bridges, buckets and water cannons.
  • Cocoa Cruiser. Cocoa Cruiser is the perfect “first roller coaster” for younger kids. Or in our case, for kids of all ages who had never ridden a coaster before and weren’t so sure about it. Our older boys quickly moved on to the bigger rides, while the youngest decided that yeah, the kiddie/mini versions were more his speed.

Wildcat Ride at Hersheypark: 20 Tips, Tricks and Must-Do Attractions for Families

  • Wildcat. Wildcat is a gigantic, wooden old-school coaster that absolutely terrified both my children and my husband. I am nonetheless including it as a must-do because of the AMAZINGLY HILARIOUS souvenir photo we were able to purchase, showing all three of them at peak terror. I will treasure it forever.
  • Wild Mouse. My husband claims the Wild Mouse coaster was actually much, much scarier than the Wildcat—that coaster was just fast, while this one careens around sharp corners so you feel like you’re going to fall right off the track. But according to my 7 and 10 year old, this coaster was their absolute favorite of the day, so I bow to their recommendation.
  • SooperDooperLooper. So my kids opted to skip any and all “upside-down” rides on our trip, but my recommendation for the SooperDooperLooper is rooted in my own nostalgia, as it was MY first “upside-down” roller coaster back in the day. It’s a Hersheypark classic and a must for any real thrill seeker.

Intercoastal Waterway at Hersheypark: 20 Tips, Tricks and Must-Do Attractions for Families

  • Intercoastal Waterway. The Intercoastal Waterway is a classic lazy river and the perfect break from coasters and cool-down after a lot of walking. The line can get long but it’s worth the wait as you can go around as many times as you want. There’s also a photographer who can take a nice group shot of your whole family (a vacation miracle!). Didn’t get the group together on your first go-round? Don’t worry, they’ll try again on your next loop around and you can pick from literally dozens of photos later.
  • Midway Musical Shows. After catching a really entertaining horn band performance (by The Soda Pops) completely by accident, we used the park app to let us know where and when other street band performances would pop up. These short but fun shows gave us a chance to sit down and recharge/rehydrate without the kids complaining about being borrrrrred and when are we going to go on a ridddddddde. (I had no idea how important that was going to be.) We particularly enjoyed The Cocoa Rhythm Factory, a great drumline show near the water rides.
  • The Outpost. We are (thankfully) a food-allergy free family, but I still want to commend Hersheypark for offering a dining option like The Outpost, a dedicated gluten-free, nut-free, and shellfish-free food stand where guests with celiac or severe food allergies can eat without worry. Most of the food is made to order so if you have additional dietary restrictions, the staff is there to help. I can only imagine how stressful a theme park could be when you have to worry about finding food that won’t kill your child, so big thumbs up on this one. (There’s also a guide to the gluten-free options throughout the entire park online.)
  • Chocolate House & Dutch Fudge shops. Look, you can’t go to Hersheypark and NOT BUY CANDY. I mean, I bet there’s a law against that or something. These two shops (Chocolate House and Dutch Fudge) are wall-to-wall chocolate, fudge and candy. They’re also located right by the front gate and make a perfect end-of-the-day stop for the best kind of souvenirs.


  • Hershey Lodge. While Hersheypark is absolutely doable as a day trip, it would be hard to pass up a night or two at Hershey Lodge again. There’s a lot to do in Hershey, PA besides the park, and this family-friendly hotel* offers so much to do as well—mini golf, basketball, tennis, arcade games, kids’ crafts and Legos, indoor and outdoor pools, really good restaurants—it practically felt like an attraction in and of itself. (Also: Shuttles!!)

Hershey Lodge's Waterworks at Hersheypark: 20 Tips, Tricks and Must-Do Attractions for Families

  • Hershey’s Waterworks at Hershey Lodge. This indoor water park was easily the highlight of our whole trip, and all we had to do was ride down an elevator to get there! Two big water slides, two splash playgrounds, a big pool with basketball hoops, a water walk, hot tubs for the grown-ups…not to mention food, beer and cocktails available to purchase and enjoy poolside. If you’re worried the weather might not cooperate on your trip, this makes for an excellent indoor back-up plan.
  • Hershey Gardens. Need a break from all the crowds and coasters? These botanical gardens are absolutely beautiful, and the Children’s Garden is a great activity for toddlers and preschoolers who might not be ready for a ton of thrill rides. The Butterfly House lets you walk among 300 to 400 butterflies and see the entire butterfly lifecycle up close.  Note that the Gardens require a separate ticket, although you can buy great combo packages that will offer better prices than buying each attraction a la carte. (Our hotel booking included tickets to both the Gardens and the Hershey Museum, for example.)

Hersheypark: 20 Tips, Tricks & Must-Do Attractions for Families

  • Create Your Own Candy Bar at Hershey’s Chocolate World. Okay, I have to confess that we weren’t able to do this activity (it requires tickets and they quickly sell out), but it’s at the top of our MUST DO list for next time. It’s a chance to enter a “real” chocolate factory, select your ingredients, design your own wrapper, and I am KICKING myself for missing out on it, because my kids would absolutely lose their minds, in a good way. Next time, FOR SURE.

*Note that the Hershey Lodge offers very few rooms for families of five (two queens and a sleeper) and they book up well in advance. There are no adjoining rooms or roll-out beds, so our three young boys slept together in a queen bed. They were perfectly happy and comfortable, but I might bring a sleeping bag next time in case someone decides he’s too crowded. Other resort options for a family of five would be adjacent rooms at the Hotel Hershey, or upgrading to the suites.  At the Hershey Camping Resort, the Deluxe cabins can accommodate 7+ and have indoor plumbing/showers during the season. Apparently these are very, very popular (and affordable for sure) so they book well in advance (even up to a year). BUT! There’s an ongoing waitlist since there are cancellations during the season.


GIVEAWAY (entries no longer being accepted and we are getting in touch with the winner. Thank you!) 
We’re randomly giving away four (4) day passes to Hersheypark to one (1) winner.  The tickets are valid for the 2016 season, any day between now and September 5th, then weekends through September 25th, 2016.  Leave a comment below and we’ll randomly pick a winner. One entry per person only, please.  In your comment, tell us about your best/favorite/most vivid childhood memory of Hershey candy. (Mine is the time I managed to eat an entire bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. You’d think that story would end badly but nope, I WAS IN HEAVEN AND REGRET NOTHING.)  This giveaway will be open through June 13, 2016 at 11:59pm EST.  The winner will be contacted via email on June 14, 2016 and will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is selected and contacted, and so on.  

About the Author

Amy Corbett Storch


Amalah is a pseudonym of Amy Corbett Storch. She is the author of the Advice Smackdown and Bounce Back. You can follow Amy’s daily mothering adventures at Ama...

Amalah is a pseudonym of Amy Corbett Storch. She is the author of the Advice Smackdown and Bounce Back. You can follow Amy’s daily mothering adventures at Amalah. Also, it’s pronounced AIM-ah-lah.

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Amy is mother to rising first-grader Noah, preschooler Ezra, and toddler Ike.

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  • Sarai Spohn

    I met and fell utterly in love with the walking chocolate bar man at Hershey Park as a wee little tot (maybe 2 or 3)… It’s still one of my favorite chocolate memories…according to my parents I basically just wanted to follow the chocolate guy all day, and cried when he went away. (at the end of the day the “characters” used to hang out at the gate to wave bye bye to the guests… and the chocolate bar remembered me and gave me a hug)

  • WickedSmaht

    My favorite Hershey memory was getting approached in the mall to participate in a consumer testing panel…for new packaging of Hershey candy bars. I got paid in chocolate and 10 whole dollars and it was amazing. Would love to check out Hershey park!

  • Jill Randy Chong

    When I was in 3rd grade (way back in the Stone Age of 1968) my mother would give me a nickel to buy a popsicle at school at lunch recess. I would always save my nickel and on my walk home stop at the drive inn and buy a single Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Five cents, folks! On Fridays she gave me a dime to buy a fudgesicle; I would buy a nickel popsicle and still get the Peanut Butter Cup on the way home!

  • Jocelyn Swick-Jemison

    In 2nd grade, we had a secret santa gift exchange for Christmas. The cutest boy in my class (Rex) picked me, and he gave me a tin filled with Hershey Kisses. I binged on the chocolate and stashed the evidence in the pockets of my prized bed tent. I still have the tin! I use it to store coins now.

  • Holly

    One of my memories of Hershey’s as a child was eating s’mores with my family at reunions every summer. I always doubled up on the chocolate!

  • Kristine

    Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups were my top choice when we traded Halloween candy at the end of trick-or-treating. I then went on to college about 20 minutes away from Hershey and drove by the factory on a regular basis just to smell the deliciousness. (Gotta compromise when you can’t afford to stay stocked in chocolate!)

  • Tara

    My most vivid memory of Hershey as a child was that the whole park smelled like chocolate. (Does it still smell like chocolate??) I would love to take my kids there – they are in love with amusement parks and that is one we haven’t been to!

  • Meg Murry-ish

    My Hershey memory was when ET was released on VHS, my baby sitter made a huge deal out of getting us all Reese’s Pieces to watch along with the movie. I wasn’t so sure about a movie about an alien, but I was convinced it had to be ok if there was peanut butter candy involved.

  • Jennifer

    We were just talking about doing to Hersheypark this summer! I went with my family in the mid-’80s, and I remember loving the faux-factory tour. (Do they even have that anymore? Must check.) As for a specific candy memory, I do remember being impressed when my then-two-year-old decided Mr. Goodbar was her favorite!

  • Joanna

    Love this post – I’ve been wanting to take my kids (6, 6, and 3) to a park of some kind as training to gear ourselves up for an eventual Disney trip, and I feel slightly less overwhelmed by the idea now.

    I think I went to the Hershey factory at some point when I was a kid but I don’t remember it at all. I do remember lots of family campfires at my parents’ lake cabin, which always included s’mores with the little rectangles of Hershey bars.

  • Rachel Versluis

    I always remember my family of 7 splitting one Herseys’ bar for smores. Gotta love being frugal!

  • Jaimy Bisbee

    Hopefully my boys will agree to go on more rides this time since we’ll be just down the road in Lebanon. Love doing smores every year to the point that I make myself ill. I remember always digging through a fresh bag of Hershey’s treasures and picking out all the Krackle before anyone else got to them.

  • Donna Powers

    we haven’t been to hersey park in decades! love to win the contest! i do remember the smell of chocolate! we didn’t take pics back then, would love to go and record the fun! pick me! pick me!!! yeah!

  • Ally

    I remember hoarding the peanut butter cups for Halloween and pushing out the middles to make glasses.

  • Alissa

    I always ate my peanut butter cups by eating a hole out of the middle first, and then eating the outside chocolate edge last. Reese’s peanut butter cups are STILL my fave candy!

  • ELF

    I rarely got candy as a child, and I remember that once my mother gave me one of the small, three-square Hershey bars for dessert, and then came back into the room half an hour later to find me still nibbling the first square – I was trying to make it last!

  • Jo Anna

    Growing up, I always loved Easter, baskets, and egg-hunts. My Easter basket always had Reese’s and Hershey bars in it. Even more fun was the Easter egg hunt. My grandpa would put Hershey’s kisses in the eggs before hiding them in the Florida sun. The eggs turned into a gooey delicious mess. 🙂

  • Jenelle Little

    I was allergic to chocolate as a child, but my dad would sometimes sneak me some. This was rather silly since I almost immediately broke out into a terrible rash and my mother would figure it out every time. Luckily, I outgrew that allergy! Ironically, my maiden name was Hirsch, so I was often called Hershey by school friends.

  • Emily Staats

    Hands down the best part of Hershey’s chocolate is stuffing them into s’mores! You set a little foil next to the campfire and set up your 1 graham cracker square with the chocolate on top so that by the time your marshmallow is toasty, your chocolate is a little melty also. Mmmm we have camp fires every year and I still get more excited than the kids do for s’mores.

  • Deirdre Brehaney

    When I was a kid & no Reece’s around, would spread peanut butter on a Hershey’s bar & make a Hershey PB sandwich. Yummy!

  • raanne

    “tell us about your best/favorite/most vivid childhood memory of Hershey candy.” – girlscouts & s’mores definitively. Although I also used to take the individual rectangles and dip them in peanut butter, so that was good too. 😛

  • Jen

    I remember when I was a kid, in the summer, some evenings right around sunset my dad would take us to the local convenience store and we would get to pick out a candy bar to eat. It was always so much fun to get to chose between all the candy bars! My favorite was reese’s 🙂

  • Kendra

    Best part by far is introducing Hershey’s chocolate for the first time to my kids and seeing the look on their faces! Their minds were blown!

  • meghan

    I, to this day, eat Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups from the outside in. Every. Single. Time.

  • Emily

    As a kid, I remember my parents handing over some money to ride my bike to the store and pick up milk. Inevitability, I would spend the change on a Kit Kat that I’d scarf down before I made it home. Sneaky treats for the win!

  • Jenni

    Our chocolate-crazy family of 4 would go bananas for a vacation to see these wonderful places! My favorite childhood Hershey memory is when I made my own chocolate-peanut butter ice cream one summer in elementary school. It wasn’t “quite right” when I finished my recipe so I added in chunks of peanut butter cups and Hershey’s syrup. Mmmm! Hahahaha!

  • Sari Nickelsburg

    My most vivid childhood memory of Hershey candy is actually from Hershey Park! My sleepaway camp used to take us there once every summer. On the way out, they’d let us stop at the chocolate gift shop to take home whatever we wanted. Of course, we’d pick up all of our favorites. I always brought back a haul of those giant bulk boxes of Reese’s minis. (Are they still there???) However, I distinctly remember that we’d all lug back these insanely huge Hershey kisses. They’re the kind of thing you’d buy as a gag gift or to display, but we actually ate them!!! Because we were 12 years old, and we could. In a word, awesome. 🙂

  • Annia

    My most vivid childhood summertime Hershey’s memory is eating smores made with Hershey’s chocolate as a kid around the campfire while camping with my family. Great times I hope to share with my kids one day! 🙂

  • Jodi

    My most vivid memory would have to be resse’s pieces from ET

  • Felicity Marie

    Every summer my family went on a vacation and each night had a bonfire and made s’mores with Hershey’s milk chocolate. Now I’m making s’mores with my daughter the same way! Okay I guess that’s two memories. I just really like chocolate. 🙂

  • One of my best memories is when I took the Hershey tour for the first time and got the chocolate bar at the end, I was so happy! Your story is great, I will have to try it!

  • Martha

    I think my favorite memory is when I first made s’mores. It was sleep away camp when I was about 8, and it was magical!

  • AR

    We were almost never allowed to have candy growing up, so I would save my Halloween candy to make it last as long as possible. I remember always saving the Reese’s to the end since they were the best 🙂

  • James Wright Jr.

    I love Hershey! I remember visiting my grandmother and the first thing she always did was bring out her candy dish full of the tiny chocolate bars and kisses. My favorite by far was the Reese’s peanut butter cups!

  • Kate

    My memory invokes eating so many Reese’s on Easter that I got sick in the car. Still love them.

  • Stephanie Miller

    I love love the fudge shops on the way out! I love to go, but cannot wait to leave!!! Lol

  • Joanna Kincaide Moore

    I have fond memories of visiting a Hershey factory with my school as a kid – we were all so excited that we got a free chocolate bar at the end!

  • Natalie DeRiso

    I grew up on the other side of pa… But once when we were very young (I was maybe 4) my parents and my aunts and uncle took all the kids to hershypark… I don’t remember much but a chocolate fountain and street lights shaped like Hershey kisses have been seared into my memory ever since

  • Jennifer Metz Crawford

    My husband knows my love of all holiday Reese’s (trees, hearts, eggs) so he buys them for me for every occasion!! Yum!!

  • Diane Cassidy

    I remember when hershey’s cookies & cream bars came out! I loved white chocolate as a kid and just about lost my mind.

  • Tricia Allen

    I am in the minority for disliking peanut butter cups – but LOVING straight chocolate bars – so I was a popular kid during the post-halloween-candy-haul trad-a-pa-looza!

  • Meghan

    Reeces Peanut Butter Cups forever. The Latin teacher at our high school used to sell candy out of her drawer to kids. I bought reeces peanut butter cups every day the winter of my freshman year and savor them in my Earth Science class. I think I gained 10lbs that winter, but man did they taste good!

  • Jen King

    Like Amy, Super Dooper Looper was MY first upside down roller coaster and I loved it!!

  • Jen King

    Hit send too soon! The candy part of my memory is getting to share Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups with my sister, and eat as many as we wanted on the two hour drive home!

  • Karly Desmond

    My favorite are plain Hershey bars, and I loved when they still were wrapped in foil. I would pretend I was looking for a golden ticket when I slowly unwrapped the chocolate. My kids were recently wowed by a pitstop at Chocolate World, so we will be planning a trip to the park soon.

  • Stefany

    The first time I learned that Reese’s cups are terrific in s’mores blew my mind. There’s nothing wrong with the classic Hershey chocolate of course, but give it a try sometime!

  • Julie P

    My brother and I share a fondness for Hershey Peanut Butter Cups. My best memory is us driving to Iowa from Michigan for his work and us basically living on PB cups the entire trip!

  • Natasha M

    Learning how to make s’mores using Hershey’s of course, with my aunts when I young. My parents were too sophisticated to eat s’mores!

  • Lauren Parker- Gill

    Honestly, my fondest memory happened as an adult. We took our kids to the Hershey’s chocolate factory and were given samples of a new candy bar – my husband and I immediately scoffed, believing it was some cast off that did not make the shelves. But no, what they gave us was a Take 5 bar which is full of chocolate, peanut butter, caramel, pretzels, peanuts and magic. It became our favorite and is now a staple treat on our road trips.

  • Heather Schubauer

    I have a great love of Hershey bars, going back to being a little kid. Now I love them when I’m teaching fractions to my fourth graders. Best lesson ever! Yum!

  • Chip

    On Halloween the neighbors up the street handed out full-size Hershey bars. Whenever kids would get mischievous and want to soap cars or TP houses, their house was always miraculously spared. There may be a correlation.

  • LC

    I always loved getting a Hershey’s chocolate bar as a special treat at the grocery store checkout line.

  • Rachel Newton

    My favorite memory of a Hershey’s chocolate bar is learning to read, and figuring out that the Hershey’s offered a LOT more than just the milk chocolate option. “Mom, what is DARK CHOCOLATE?” And so began the love affair for all of time.

  • Jessica Went

    I’d always get a Hershey kiss filled candy cane for Christmas in my stocking every year and it was always my favorite. My husband still buys me one every year!

  • Nicole Robbins

    My favorite memory is sorting Halloween candy and trading with my sister. My favorites were Reeses and Krackel.

  • Brian Ladley

    My son went to Hershey Chocolate World back in March and when he came home he was so excited telling my wife and I all about his adventures that day. When we told him that mommy and daddy went to school out that way he was floored. We told him all about our fond memories going there while we were young and how those memories have stayed with us our entire lives! We would love to share these same memories with our kids and of course our love for Hershey chocolate!

  • Going camping as a kid, I never really liked s’mores, but I would chow down on the plain Hershey bars.

  • Julie Mirabelli

    My favorite childhood memory was baking with my grandma and getting to be the one to put the Hershey’s kisses into the center of the cookies right out of the oven. I now get to share this simple pleasure with my own daughter and she loves it just as much as I did.

  • Sara

    One of my most vivid memories of Hershey chocolate bars happened when I was in the 7th grade. I went with my friend while she got a perm (this was 1987). Her mom had bought us both Hershey bars as a treat. The mom, not knowing I was a super picky eater, had bought the chocolate bars with almonds in them (which I did not like). I spent the entire hair appointment secretly trying to eat around the almonds without the mom noticing so I wouldn’t offend her. I ended up with a pile of soggy almonds at the end that I stuck in my pocket so I could throw them away at home. To this day I still do not like the bars with the almonds, but I love the plain chocolate ones!


    I remember the first time I had a Reese’s peanut butter cup. The chocolate! The salty. It was heaven.

  • Katherine Zapsky

    Finding the PERFECT bag of Twizzlers…Not stale yet, but not too fresh. They need a little bite to them. Because that was the only acceptable way to drink my diet coke in high school; it gave the coke a slight berryish flavor, and how cool did I look drinking out of a Twizzler straw?! Not chocolate I know, but best high school candy memory!

  • vanessasteck

    i used to stockpile hershey bars, in my room. buy the mega family packs, then hang onto to them for a rainy day!

  • Becca

    Favorite Hershey memory – dressing up like a Hershey kiss for Halloween! That costume was a total keeper.

  • Lindsay

    When my sister and I would divvy up or Halloween candy after trick or treating, we’d trade for each other’s favorites. I ALWAYS traded my licorice, lollipop, etc so that I could have all of her peanut butter cups. In fact, I still do that. My five-year-old even knows that of there’s a peanut butter cup up for grabs, I’ll do pretty much anything to get it, haha

  • Diane Ross

    As a child I was glad that Hershey bars were marked in sections so it was easy for them to be shared among myself and my sisters.

  • linderooni

    My favorite memory is every time my family drove to Hershey (my brother had regular outpatient appointments at the hospital), I could smell the city before I could see it. And the Hershey Kiss street lamp covers! The best.

  • Javier cruz

    My most memorable Hershey ,candy memory was Christmas when I was ten Inland Container where my ddad worked for 18 years had just closed it’s doors and that Christmas he didn’t have much money so for Christmas my brother sister and I just received stockings. I remember looking into the stocking and right on the top was a Hershey almond chocolate bar to this day still my favorite candy . Though we didn’t get much that year it was a real Christmas not about getting but about being with family

  • Julie

    I went to Hershey Park when I was a teenager, and completely freaked out after riding the sidewinder – it was a coaster that went through a loop forwards, and then backwards, and the backwards was just waay to scary for me!

    A local amusement park in Maine has the exact same wild mouse coaster, and I can vouch that it is scary all out of proportion to the height due to those turns. Having little kids squeezed in tight with a bigger adult helped because the kids didn’t jolt around so much on the turns – my kids much preferred riding it with my father than with me because he provided a better anchor point for them.

  • Samantha Haldeman

    One summer when I was a kid, my family went to Hersheypark on the 4th of July. As soon as it got dark, the whole park stopped. We sat down on the pavement and watched the most beautiful fireworks display 🙂 Such a wonderful surprise and one of my favorite childhood memories 🙂

  • I don’t have a specific memory but Hershey Candy Bars are a mainstay for s’mores. I try fancier chocolate bars sometimes but I always go back to the Hershey because they melt just right for s’mores. 🙂

  • Judy Kauffman

    Hershey chocolate bars figure heavily in my camping memories- we always had S’Mores!

  • Shannon Lane

    Like Amy, mine involves overeating! I would sneak a bag of mini Hershey bars and hide around the corner from the house with my twin sister and plow through. I can still taste the candy and see us laying there stuffed in the sun ????

  • 405466

    Sooper Dooper Looper was my first upside down roller coaster too! I’d love to take my three girls, 13, 11, & 10. My favorite memories of Hershey candy are Reese’s. Every holiday, we’d always get the Christmas/Easter/Halloween peanut butter cups. Now I continue the tradition with my kids. They mean family to us.

  • Marla De Lucia

    Though I’m a sucker for any of the Hershey candy, my favorite childhood memory of Hershey doesn’t actually involve candy. One of my favorite desserts in the world is my mom’s homemade brownies. I loved them as a kid and still do to this day. She always used Hershey cocoa powder in them, and I will forever associate that box of cocoa with some of the best times of my childhood.

  • Meagan Buch

    Hershey’s bars on smores around the campfire of course!

  • Trisha

    When I was in 5th grade, not only did I live on a street called Hershey Avenue, but I lost a tooth when it came out in the rollo candy I bit into! That was the best way I’d ever had a tooth pulled! ????

  • Jamie Lenter

    I went to a new camp when I was younger and we got to go to Hershey Park as our trip. I was so excited and definitely gorged on all the amazing Chocolate. Would love to go back with my kids!

  • IrishCream

    We visited the Hershey factory when my kids were two and a babe-in-arms. We met my husband’s family there, and it was the last trip we took with his grandfather before he died. Grandpa had a huge sweet tooth, and the make-your-own-candy-bar experience was a highlight for him and a very treasured memory for the rest of us. I know that’s not a childhood memory for me, but it’s my favorite Hershey moment!

  • Jamie

    I recently told a friend of mine that grew up in Pittsburgh that I’d never even HEARD of Hershey Park, and she fell to the floor in shock. Literally. Obviously it’s a must-do – and now that I have kids? FOR SURE.

  • Liz

    When I was little, my grandma asked me to get her her shoes and she would give me a kiss. I obligingly got the shoes and she surprised me with a giant chocolate Hershey’s kiss (like one of those 1 pound ones). That’s real childhood magic there!

  • Amber

    I very specifically remember going through the ride that shows how they make the candy. I remember telling my mom about the Red lights of the oven when I was about 7 and about to go on the ride with her. She looked at me and was totally confused as that memory was from when I was 18months old. Neither of us realized how memorable that oven was! 🙂

  • Christin Cvetic Munkittrick

    I love Hershey Park! My favorite was the chocolate tour ride and the delicious smell of chocolate!!

  • Meredith

    Visiting Hershey around middle school age and buying one of those GIANT Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups at the gift shop near the entrance and eating said GIANT Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup in a much shorter period of time than is recommended.

  • Erica

    I’m a baker who never loved eating or baking cake which made birthdays challenging for me, especially mine. Then one year I discovered a recipe for a chocolate layer cake with salty peanutbutter cream cheese frosting covered by a chocolate peanutbutter ganache and ever since then my problem has been solved because of COURSE a cake version of a Reese’s Peanutbutter Cup would be the perfect cake and my birthday cake forever. Especially with Reese’s Peanutbutter Cups on top for decoration.

    My othe favorite memory of Reese’s Peanutbutter Cups is the first year I had a child to take trick or treating and she was so cute that she made out like a bandit. Then we got home and put her to bed and I realized that there was no way I was letting her eat all that candy, that she was too little to know anything about trick or treat anyways, and that meant all the Reese’s Peanutbutter Cups were mine! Sweet nectar, that gig was awesome while it lasted.

  • emily

    One of my favorite memories is Hershey-centric! Growing up, my grandmother put festive holiday Hershey’s Kisses in a crystal dish on the big fancy dining room table as a decoration. All 4 grandkids would sneak candy throughout our visits until the dish was empty again, but she’d always just refill the dish without ever scolding us the first time. We buy holiday kisses every year to keep her loving and delicious tradition alive!

  • Katie

    I loved Hershey Park, but my most vivid memory from our one and only trip to Hershey is the light poles shaped like kisses!

  • Ryah Hedrick

    My family took a vacation that included Hersey, PA when I was a child – Sadly, I was 3 and remember none of it! My grandmother always had a jar of Hersey Kisses in her living room when I was growing up!

  • Kristen

    My most vivid memory of Hershey bars is every other weekend (for years) when I would visit my dad for his visitation we would go to the gas station just the two of us and he would buy one Hershey bar and a Coke and we would split it:)

    Right before he passed he said he wanted something sweet and I went to the same convenience store and brought him a Hershey and a Coke and it made the whole family smile. Everytime I eat a Hershey bar I think of him. ????

  • Kade

    My wife’s grandmother tells the story of the very first time she ever got a Hershey bar. At the time it was a HUGE treat. Something she has never ever had beforeZ she says she cut it into teeny tiny slivers only eating a piece a day to make it last and hit it in a box under her bed from her brothers. Lol

  • Tracy McMechan

    As a kid the only candy I would eat was a plain chocolate Hershey bar. As an adult, I’m not discriminating and will happily eat any and all candy! 🙂

  • Gretchen Schulteis Hughes

    I was nine years old when I went to Girl Scout resident camp for the first time, and the best part of the experience was getting to buy Hershey chocolate bars at the little (shack) store they had. I was a very picky eater, and getting to have a little treat seemed like heaven.

  • Laura

    My favorite Christmas cookies are Peanut Blossoms which require a Hershey Kiss to be placed on the cookie as soon as they are removed from the oven. It was very hard to not eat the unwrapped kisses as we waited for the cookies to bake!

  • Erin

    When we went camping we always had s’mores. We always has marshmallows and graham crackers left, but all of the hershey bars were gone. Every single time.

  • C. Elizabeth

    My sister and I were given a giant Hershey bar one year for Christmas when we were little. I just remember gnawing at it like mice and thinking that this must be the pinnacle of happiness!

  • Liz

    My favourite memory of Hershey’s chocolate was at Hershey Park – seeing a river and waterfall of melted chocolate. Being I was small, it seemed SO BIG. I imagined swimming in that sea of chocolate deliciousness. Yum.