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Birthday Party Decorations

By Isabel Kallman

Customizable Party Decorations by Le Poppy Design

Oh gosh how we love a beautifully decorated birthday party. Gotta say it, our favorite is if the decorations are homemade. But if you are time or talent deficient, the next best thing? Buying them from another mama so that they are handmade just for your child.

Next time you’re throwing a birthday party at home, skip Party City and head straight to some of the resources below where some enterprising crafters, mamas and grandmas can whip up personalized birthday party decorations, invitations, party favor bags, etc for your little one just like they would for their own brood. (Beware– some of these sources have ridiculously long lead times, so plan ahead!)


This gorgeous set is by Polka Dots & Pirates. For $105 you get an entire customized handmade party sent to you. No one needs to know you didn’t actually make it yourself. Just stick the lovely handmade cupcake toppers on a store bought cupcakes and everyone will just assume you made those too. (Now, that’s a smart mama).


At Polka Dots & Pirates you can buy a complete theme like Circus or Polka Dots or just pick up what you need on an a la carte basis. We love, love, love the cake toppers on the Carnival theme. We only wish the cake was included too.

birthday_party_bytomkatstudios.jpg birthday_party_decorations_tomkatstudios.jpg

Another fab maker of customized birthday party decoration packages is The TomKat Studio. Looking for a custom theme? They may be able to help out. Or just customize their Yummy Lollipop Birthday Collection.

birthday_party_decorations_bythebirthdayhouse.jpg birthday_party_decorations_bythebirthdayhouse2.jpg

Also we love what we found at The Birthday House. A robust birthday package for eight is nicely priced at $56. We arrrrr partial to pirates here, but they have other nice themes as well. (i know, i know, we’re corny.)

birthday_party_flags_byladybugsuebee.jpg birthday_party_penants_ladybugsuebee.jpg

We may have squealed when we discovered that our very Brenda Ponnay’s mom has her own shop, Lady Bug Sue Bee, where you can buy the same gorgeous flag banners that adorn Baby Bug’s birthday parties. Whee!

birthday_party_bypaper%26cake.jpg birthday_party_bypaper%26cake2.jpg

Paper & Cake
has a great concept for downloadable tablescapes. They customize your needs on their designs then you just print and cut. Fabulous if you are handy but don’t have time or skill to design.

Other great customizable and handmade party decoration resources we found: Mary Had a Little Party, Le Poppy Design, Milla Love, Ciao Bambino, Bonne Nouvelle, and Burley Girl Designs.

Lastly, if these handmade party decorations are just too much to even think about (we don’t judge here, we just support and shake our heads knowingly) we’ve got some other resources for you:

Just Add Cake
may need to become your one-stop shop for themed birthday parties. The goods are not handmade, but you don’t have to scramble looking to coordinate the balloons with the goody bags, because dayum, they’ve done a fine job for you. We love their pirate party most of all.


Two more sources that are great, but on the expensive side are: Modern Lola (hat tip to Cool Mom Picks) & Plum Party.

How about you? Do you have any fabulous resources do you turn to?

Isabel Kallman
About the Author

Isabel Kallman

Isabel Kallman is the founding mom of

Feel free to send nice emails to isabel[at]alphamom[dot]com.


Isabel Kallman is the founding mom of

Feel free to send nice emails to isabel[at]alphamom[dot]com.

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Jess {polkadots & pirates}

Thanks so much for the feature! I adore your site as well…have made a couple of your oh-so-fabulous diaper cakes!
From Alpha Mom: Whee! so awesome to hear.

Kitty Baby Love

Just have to say that these are a great addition for parties too!
Kitty egg shaped crayons:


Thanks for the mention

Isabel Kallman

We also found some great ready-to-use party tableware packages by stationery maker Meri Meri. They do sets for New Baby, Pirate and Princess parties.
Look at these pirate kits. Love them!


Thank you so much for the mention here! I was told by a client who found me via your site – thank you!!!
I regularly use this site for the great ratings of products used by real moms! How fabulous that I’m included here – thank you!
Editor: Thank YOU for visiting. We love what you do! It’s a virtual lovefest. hee.