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Simple Kids Handmade Holiday Cards

By Melissa Summers

I love a unique, handmade holiday card. In the past, I’ve made some really lovely holiday cards, and it has brought me great seasonal joy.

But listen, I’m not going to lie to you. I am not even going to attempt to make our holiday cards this year. My motto right now is whatever needs to get done will get done, and this year, homemade holiday cards are not on the “needs to get done” list.

The kids, however, want to make their own cards for their friends, which is a fantastic idea since I am assuming they have far less than one hundred friends/acquaintances/business contacts on their holiday card list. Although I guess I should probably verify this before I agree to make cards with them.

I’ve found four cards I’d be willing to create with the kids —  they’re all reasonably easy and affordable and not particularly messy. Maybe you’ll be inspired to create your own cards with your kids because you’re nicer than me.

DIY Kids Holiday Cards

Boy holding a handmade holiday card

Original Art Card
Martha Stewart’s ideas are always so very tasteful. And yes I know, “tasteful” can often be a synonym for “complicated,” but I’m not sure it gets much easier than a card that uses your child’s original drawing (left). Have your child draw something holiday-themed (a snowman or Christmas tree or menorah or whatever he likes). Once he’s happy with his artwork, reproduce it on card stock — you can go to a local copy shop for this or use your scanner, if you have one that can handle heavy paper. And you’re done!

Q-tip Painted Holiday Trees
This is a really sweet painting project that looks like it wouldn’t make a big mess (I hope I’m right about that). Use Q-tips to dot acrylic paint onto cardstock or heavy stationery in the shape of trees — so basically, just a triangle with a rectangle at the bottom for the trunk. Kids can add decorations or make snow or even create stars out of Q-top dots. Cute and easy. Just like me!

Hand Print Santa
Kid’s handprint designs are always a hit, because it’s an easy craft that even the smallest kid can manage, as long as you are prepared for your kid to be covered in paint. Have your child gently dip her hand in hand in white paint and press it on a piece of green construction paper to make Santa’s beard. Draw in his eyes and hat over the beard and add a red construction paper hat at the top. You can also get fancy and make the hat out of felt and the eyes from buttons. Imagine a tiny toddler handprint Santa. Or a wee newborn footprint! My ovaries hurt just thinking about it.

photo of white 3D tree pop up cardPop Up Christmas Tree
This pop up Christmas tree card by Robert Sabuda (at right) is a little trickier, but it is so great I had to include it, and it would be perfect for older kids or teens who want to do something really special. Print the template from Sabuda’s website on card stock or construction paper and then follow his instructions for cutting and folding the tree. The results are really beautiful.

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Photo source: Martha Stewart, Robert Sabuda

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Melissa Summers

Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.


Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.

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