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close-up of child's forearm with rainbow beaded bracelet with colorful yarn in background

St. Patrick’s Day Craft: Rainbow Friendship Bracelets

By Marie LeBaron

We’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by making Rainbow Friendship Bracelets. These are easy to make and fun to give out to friends on this Spring holiday!

close-up photo of rainbow bracelet on child's arm made with beads and colorful yarn in background

Supplies for Rainbow Friendship Bracelets

  • yarn in all rainbow colors (yarn is great for smaller fingers, but if you’re child is older, you can make these with embroidery floss)
  • scissors
  • safety pin, one per person
  • large colored beads

rainbow colored yarn and a pair of scissors on a table

Roll out your yarn and cut each color to 18 inches long. Then tie a knot at the top with all 6 colors of yarn.

yarn tied in a knot with safety pin nearby

Attach a safety pin to the top of the knotted yarn. Then you’ll need to attach this same safety pin to something firm as you braid your yarn. I like to attach it to the seam in my jeans. Or you could attach it to your sock. I’ve even attached it to the seam in my couch and sat on the floor as I’ve braided.

yarn safety pinned to a pair of jeans

Now start to braid. I did this first one in a simple braid, putting 2 colors together, for 3 groups of yarn to braid.

photo of hand braiding yarn while it is safety pinned to pair of jeans

Here’s a bracelet I made with knots all down the length of yarn, alternating each color after 5 knots.

hand with whole string of braided yarn from safety pinned jeans

Here’s a bracelet we made by adding a bead into each thread as I braided.

adding beads to braided yarn on safety-pinned jeans

Or here’s a beaded bracelet with 10 beads on each color of yarn, then tied together. We left the yarn hanging down a bit off the bracelet to make a fun rainbow stream!

two photos showing rainbow colored beaded yarn bracelets and on child's wrist

Once your bracelets are made, you can either remove the safety pin and tie them together in a knot, or attach the other end of the yarn to the safety pin, using it like a clasp.

close-up of child-size braided yarn bracelet for St. Patrick's Day
With so many ways to design your bracelets, you can now give them to all your friends. It’s even more fun as a play-date or party and make them together, swapping bracelets with friends.

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About the Author

Marie LeBaron

Marie is a crafty mama; you can find her at her daily site Make and Takes.


Marie is a crafty mama; you can find her at her daily site Make and Takes.

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