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Holiday Gift Guide: Sweets & Treats

By Isabel Kallman

Forget the Fruitcake
You know you need to stock up on some yummy treats to gift holiday party hosts, stuff in stockings or share with your cubicle mates at work. Throw away the Harry & David catalogs. Instead, follow our lead. Our choices below are delicious and gorgeous.
I’ve seen this gorgeous Santa in person (at my local Whole Foods) and don’t need to bite into it myself to know that it’s not your typical milk chocolate. Nope, this Santa is by the world famous Jacques Torres, baby.
In NY we have Dylan’s Candy Bar and each time I’m in there I am tempted to buy the most beautiful swirly lollipops. But hoo-boy are they expensive. Finally it dawned on me to check out the label. Everybody’s got a website now, right? Right? Why, yes, they do. So, a quick Google search took me to Hammond’s which has been around since 1920’s, is based in Denver, and ships! Their goods are not inexpensive, but buh-bye Dylan’s.
So, what have I found at Hammond’s…a bag of coal candy (really cinnamon flavored), peppermint cocoa stirrers, the most beautiful candy canes, and my favorite swirly lollipops.



If you know me personally you may have heard me before praising the greatness that is Vosges Haut Chocolats. These are very fancy (aka expensive) and exotic chocolate bars and truffles. They are actually considered luxury. Finding my stocking stuffed with Barcelona Bars (mmm, salt) or Dark Chocolate Bacon Bars would just make my life complete. And, for all of these reasons, they make a perfect hostess gift.


I can’t resist soft caramels and marshmallows. Put them together and you’ve got me at Hello. For years I drooled stared at the William-Sonoma catalog (ah, good food photography) before ordering the “Modjeskas.” I had to try the goodies myself before gifting right? Right? Nomnomnomnomnom. Since then I have been able to track the WS’s supplier, Bauer’s, in Kentucky. And, they deliver wrapped and all.


Can’t believe I almost forgot Peppermint Bark. I once treated others (and myself) to the version that William-Sonoma sells. Ooooh, yum. But lucky for you, we have a Peppermint Bark recipe in our archives, along with some fabulous decorating instructions.


Isabel Kallman
About the Author

Isabel Kallman

Isabel Kallman is the founding mom of

Feel free to send nice emails to isabel[at]alphamom[dot]com.


Isabel Kallman is the founding mom of

Feel free to send nice emails to isabel[at]alphamom[dot]com.

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