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The Best Children’s Piggy Banks

By Melissa Summers

The Buzz Off is on the late side today because the wallpaper in my kitchen requires many hours of painful removal. No, I haven’t been actually working on removing the paper. I have been procrastinating by researching topics to avoid the painful process which awaits me.

It seems about half of Max’s classmates are March babies and so every weekend has involved a party invitation. Before this month he was not invited to a single party. Either he was unpopular before and has finally started being nice or there weren’t a lot of birthdays in the class until now.

We got an invitation yesterday and when I asked Max what he thought his friend would like for her birthday gift, he replied, “She wants a bank for her money. She told me.”

Since it’s the year of the pig and I have to buy a bank for a little girl in the next week, I thought I’d share some of the banks I found today some are pigs and some are other animals who are equally capable of holding your child’s change.

This ‘Count Piggy’ is a bank which makes the cheap person in me run screaming for the hills. I love the contemporary look and the bold number design. So very contemporary. But when your child is ready to get the change out to the CoinStar machine you open the bank the “old-fashioned way: with a hammer! ” eeeek!

This ‘Coink’ (get it?) bank is contemporary, a little more expensive but when it’s full and you’re ready for the CoinStar machine, you simply turn it over. The wide funnel opening allows you to save and retrieve your change in a quick dump.

This cheerful wooden bank from Vilac is different than the streamlined white ceramic pigs but this pig you can’t really break. A spring loaded tail and high gloss paint make it cute in it’s own way. I can’t tell from the images how you get the money out. Hopefully the process does not involve a circular saw.
But let’s not limit ourselves to pigs. Lots of animals can hold your money quite well.

This mother and baby turtle bank set from David Desalvo is a cute way to show by example. You store your change in the larger turtle, your child drops his in the littler one. Slow and steady (saving) wins the race you know.

Elephants are also excellent at holding money, they have large appetites and they never forget. Check out this adorable elephant. I mean, it’s wearing a heart necklace! And those big ears!  

My dog obsessed daughter would never forgive me if I talked about banks and didn’t include a dog bank in the mix. This cute pup holds your change and looks cute at the same time. Not a dog person? (Madison can’t even believe that is possible.) How about a cat?


I could start back on the wallpaper project but instead I think I’ll start looking for information about Thursday’s Buzz Off project. On Thursday I would like to start an anti-junk party favor revolution.

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Melissa Summers

Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.


Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.

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