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Best Artwork for Children’s Rooms

By Melissa Summers

Sometimes when you find youself spending each and every day getting your house ready to sell in a very soft market where your margin of profit (or even just breaking even) is practically nothing, you might find yourself thinking of how you’ll decorate your kids rooms in the next house. When you’re in your basement cleaning up and everything you clean leads to 2 other jobs you’ll have to do just to break even on your house, sometimes cute illustrations pull you through. Sometimes, that’s all you’ve got.

I’m going to share the artwork I’ve bookmarked as potentials for the new rooms our kids might get to have if I can figure out a way to only paint that one corner of the basement floor that’s kind of dirty and dingy looking and not all 1200 square feet of it. Because if I have to paint 1200 square feet of floor, I just…I’m going to…let’s move on.

tintin.jpgWe already have one of these prints in Max’s room, but I love it so much and it’s on sale I feel duty bound to point you in this direction. When he was growing up Logan’s family had a French foreign exchange student for a couple of years. After she left, she sent several TinTin books in french to my husband over the years. The books bring back good memories for him and, since he couldn’t read a word of french, the pictures were especially important to him. Even if you don’t have a Tin Tin fan in your house, perhaps you have a space fan.

I love these paintings by Margot Curran of Oopsy daisy, Fine Art For Kids, particularly this pink pig These canvas reproductions are glass free and require no frame for hanging.

shareyourtoys.jpgThese illustrations from John W. Golden are reminiscent of the Rock, Paper, Scissors Invitational. A little brighter and more colorful, but the sense of humor is the same. You can get this set of 8 with ‘Orders Of The Management’ like, ‘Go Ask Your Mother’, ‘Keep your elbows of the table.’ and this one, great for kids but also would-be date rapists, “No Means No”. You can also find them in a set of 4 or individually. I’m actually going to recommend you browse all of Golden’s Etsy offerings. [link via some very kind soul who’s name I’ve lost in my mail-eating inbox. Thank you!]

map.jpgMy son loves looking at maps. I love looking at maps as well, mostly because I am always lost and always believe if I prepare by reading the map I will stop getting lost all the time. Surprisingly, this never works. I’ve been eyeing this colorful map and think it would look right at home in a kid’s room with it’s bright colors and great illustrations. This map comes with stickers to mark where loved ones live or places you’ve visited.

mapartplate.jpgAlong lines with the map theme and also on sale (!!) is this map made of license plates printed on canvas. My husband used to collect license plates and make picture frames from them, I wish I could convince him to recreate this piece out of real plates. This is doubtful, since we have that basement I talked about before, so a print may just have to work.

Black and white prints are always a good idea, simple and classic. I love these high resolution, printable digital black and white animal prints.  I love the idea of printing these and choosing the frames that would look best with your decor.

camillaengman.jpgI added Camilla Engman’s shop to my bookmarks a year ago and in that time the beautiful prints she is selling have sold out. I truly love this print for Maddie’s room but it’s sold out with no indication there will be more. In fact, I hate wall paper but if I could have wallpaper made from the lower part of that print I would gladly wall paper my daughter’s new room.

Now let’s all hope I have a new rooms for the kids I’m able to decorate soon. Also a new kitchen, bathroom, living room, walls, roof and maybe even a garage….

Published February 22, 2007. Last updated August 29, 2018.
Melissa Summers
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Melissa Summers

Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.


Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.

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