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Best Aprons for Kids

By Melissa Summers

I’ve been watching for aprons for the last few months, not because I’ve suddenly transformed into a domesticated house-frau. Rather, I am incredibly tired of making it through the day stain free, only to have grease spatter on my pants while I make dinner. Also there isn’t a lot cuter than little kids in aprons.
I love the simplicity of this Lotta Jansdotter cafe apron. The apron is 100% linen and the hand drawn design is lovely, like all of Jansdotter’s beautiful work.
Two Owls offers a more graphic print full apron for those very messy dishes. These aprons come in children’s sizes as well so you can all match! Or not.
For the resident grill master I like this silk screened apron. Grilling is messy business, if you’re doing it right.
This bright vintage-look apron sort of makes me want to bake you a cake and put it on a milk glass footed platter. Or something along those lines anyways.
Kids need aprons more than adults, some days some kids seem to need a full body apron. I can’t help you there but I adore this activity apron from m*o*m. The bright gingham and rick rack details, might even lead you to tackle painting with your little darling. Unrelated: my mom has that exact same hanger from her childhood.
Can’t convince your little boy that gingham is all the rage? Here’s something a little more action themed from Williams Sonoma, it screams “Gender Stereotype!” If you’re into that type of thing, otherwise it’s just kind of cute.

Hopefully we’ll be back to Burning Daylight next week, if I can drag the kids away from the trampoline.

Published August 9, 2007. Last updated August 28, 2018.
Melissa Summers
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Melissa Summers

Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.


Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.

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