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The Best Music Boxes: a Round Up

By Melissa Summers

I get email asking me for gift ideas for newborns and birthday presents for three year olds and this time I thought I would switch it up to a classic and timeless gift– The Music Box.  Music Boxes make excellent keepsake gifts.  I had a dancing ballerina with Swan Lake music as a child–it was from a yard sale! I remember how much I loved it.

Isabel turned me onto a site called Trousselier (There is an English option in the upper right hand corner.)  They have  beautiful music boxes. I usually try to pick a favorite from each store and then let you browse the rest on your own, but the site is a little difficult to navigate and I love so many I’m showing you a few from the site.

My favorite Music Boxes from Trousselier:

catmouse.jpgGrowing up, my neighbor Kelly had a music box where two figures would dance on top of a mirrored surface as the music went. I am ashamed to say I had envy in my heart for that music box. It seemed like magic and we’d watch it for hours. The best was when we realized you could make refrigerator magnets dance to the music as well. This cat and mouse version is adorable. The design on the box is a little more whimsical than the cat and owl box.

rocket.jpgI’ll share just one more from Trousselier, this Rocket and Spaceman box is so unique. Most of the music boxes I’ve seen are very girl oriented, this one works for both. But if a space guy and his ship are dancing together this could be very very bad for NASA.

erzimousecheese.gifHere is a sweet little hand wound music box featuring erzi mouse snoozing on his cheese. Kids love to turn the crank themselves making the music go faster or slower. Again, it’s wood so little hands can’t do too much damage, unless they’re the hands of a woodchuck.

musicola.gifThis Pianola music box would be great for the kid who wants to know how things work. Feed the playing sheet through the machine and it clinks out a tune. A special hole punch and blank sheets allow your child to create their own tune. I wonder if you could get refills for that because judging by the way my kids experiment with the piano, it would take some trial and error for them to create something recognizable as music.

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Melissa Summers

Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.


Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.

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