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multi color paper streamers hanging from the ceiling in a dining room as party decor

Spiral Streamers – DIY Party Decor

By Rachel Meeks

Decorating for a party can get expensive.  Here’s the good news– you can decorate your party with big impact and low budget by making your own party decorations using sheets of paper cut into spiral streamers.

Supplies you will need:

  1. Heavy weight construction paper
  2. Scissors
  3. Tape (check out this wall safe tape)

That’s it!

spiral streamers (party decorations) hanging from the ceiling in a dining room

How to make spiral streamers:

A hand holding scissors cutting a green piece of construction paper

Take a sheet of heavyweight construction paper or card stock (8.5 by 11 inches is fine) and use scissors to round off the corners.

You could start with a perfect circle by tracing a plate, but perfection doesn’t matter, and it requires an extra step that doesn’t make a difference in the end result. Just quickly round off the corners so you will start with a rounded rectangle or a rounded square.spiral shape drawn in blackThen start cutting the spiral. Begin from the outside edge and start cutting a strip about one inch wide. Work your way around making a long continuous spiral until you reach the center.

someone cutting a piece of green construction paper with a pair of scissors someone using a pair of scissors to cut green construction paper

A sheet of paper will make a spiral several feet long that you can hang from the ceiling or drape from the chandelier.

A woman holding out a green piece of paper cut into a spiral shape

Inexpensive AND easy!

Enjoy the party!

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About the Author

Rachel Meeks

Rachel Meeks is the voice behind the popular blog Small Notebook, a resource for simplifying and organizing your home. (Because it’s so much easier to b...

Rachel Meeks is the voice behind the popular blog Small Notebook, a resource for simplifying and organizing your home. (Because it’s so much easier to be a parent when you’re not surrounded by a ton of stuff.)

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This is a great idea and so easy to make.

You can also recycle empty plastic soda pop bottles into spiral hanging decorations. By using the straight sides of the bottle, you can get a very long spiral or you can cut it in half or even three to four pieces to make a spiral bunch.

Brenda Ponnay


Nicole W.
Nicole W.

Did you tape the ends to the ceiling?


My teen made a bunch of these & taped them in groups to the ceiling all around our family room for a party…we liked them so much we left them hanging for a long time…until they became too dusty. They are so cool.

Hip Chic Tot

love it – 

Melissa French, The More With Less Mom

Thanks for sharing! I linked to this post in my Glow Party series.


[…] These are ever so simple; all you need is paper and scissors to get the swirls ready. Once you cut your paper into a spiral, hand the paper from the outer edge! Here’s the step-by-step tutorial. […]