Basic Quesadilla Recipe

View from above of cheese quesadilla with salsa

Teach your kids how to make a quesdailla with this easy recipe.




1. Heat a pan large enough to fit the size tortilla you are using over medium heat (on a stove with a dial from 1-10, around 5 or 6).

2. Once the pan has been heating for about 4-5 minutes, it’s time to cook the quesadilla! If using oil, put it in the pan and swirl it around.

3. You can put the cheese on the tortilla before placing it in the pan or you can just put one of the tortillas in the pan and immediately top it with the cheese. Place the second tortilla on top. If I’m using oil, at this point I’ll use my hand to move the quesadilla around the pan a bit to spread the oil out more on the bottom of the tortilla.

4. Let cook for a few minutes until the cheese is melted. You can try to lift the top tortilla up gently (with tongs or spatula) and if it sticks to the melting cheese you are good to flip it. Cook on the second side for another minute or so to brown the tortilla. If you want the tortilla even browner or crispier just flip and cook longer to your liking.

5. Remove from pan, turn off stove, cut into pieces and enjoy with your favorite quesadilla toppings!