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BlogHer 08: the Re:Boot Room

By Isabel Kallman

Oh gosh. I’m getting old. It’s all relative, so stop looking at me that way. Yes, you.
Back in the day, I traveled to Boston several times a week jumping on the shuttle like it was a bus to Brooklyn. Now, a two-hour day trip via airplane kiiilllls me. The jet lag. Arrrgh.
So, a flight to San Fran and back with three days, plus non-stop parties and meet-and-greets, I knew that it would take awhile to recover. And, it has. So, finally the first of two posts on BlogHer.
The Re:Boot Room
This year I decided at the last minute (like 4 days before the conference started) to turn the suite I had rented for the Second Annual CheeseburgHer Party into a sanctuary during the BlogHer Conference.
During and after my first BlogHer Conference I kept hearing and reading accounts of bloggers having been overwhelmed by the intensity and energy of the conference. The pressure (either real or self-imposed) of having to meet internet friends and fans is daunting.
As I perused the final version of this year’s conference schedule, I BROKE OUT INTO A SWEAT. I, the social butterfly, could not focus my eyes on all the goings-ons during the conference… the concurrent panels, the sponsored-special events, the makeover booths, sponsor row, etc.
I decided then and there that the BlogHer conference was missing a refuge, a place where bloggers could recharge their social batteries. As you know, necessity is the mother of invention. Thus was born The Re:Boot Room.
“I didn’t get an invitation”
We decided it would be poor form and disrespectful to paying conference advertisers to position ourselves in the middle of the conference traffic and push fliers into attendees’ hands. So, I informed my Twitter followers and those I met face-to-face about our escape room. And, of course, I made sure everyone knew they could bring their BlogHer friends if they too needed a break. We encouraged people to spread the word. So, I am sorry if anyone may have felt left out. It wasn’t meant to be an exclusive room, but there was no way everyone could have known about it. And, all conference attendees were welcomed when they stopped by regardless of how they heard of it.
I couldn’t have been more pleased with the lovely conversation and lovelier bloggers who stopped by the Re:Boot Room. We had a fabulous “power breakfast” on Saturday with smoothies, protein bars, yogurt and of course COFFEE… everything a blogger needed to get through the marathon of the day. Lunch was grab-and-go pizza slices and then there were cupcakes and espresso & lattes for an afternoon pick-me-up.
Some conclusions:
#1: you can never go wrong with cupcakes!
#2: for a “Hangover Breakfast” (held on Sunday Morning) you need greasy food. I wanted to serve cold pizza. But, alas, we had no fridge in the suite. Though the Red Bulls hit the right spot.
#3: mail giveaways to winners. I schlepped prizes there and back when I saw how moms were inundated with swag.
#4: work with a great partner on ideation and execution. Thanks, Brand About Town!
#5: when we do this again, start promoting it sooner so as to allow more bloggers to be able to take advantage of it.
#6: listen to your community members and make their experience your priority.
Thank you dear bloggers who stopped by and made it a wonderful place to hang out and meet others. I am beyond touched that you appreciated our gesture. We enjoyed it too!
And, lastly, thank you to Method Home for the lovely giveaway gifts. You rawk and are a Lovemark to me.

Isabel Kallman
About the Author

Isabel Kallman

Isabel Kallman is the founding mom of

Feel free to send nice emails to isabel[at]alphamom[dot]com.


Isabel Kallman is the founding mom of

Feel free to send nice emails to isabel[at]alphamom[dot]com.

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  • Karen

    August 6, 2008 at 9:22 pm

    Frankly, one of the most powerful experiences I took with me from BlogHer was the graciousness and respite that you offered in that little suite. Also it made me realize the huge power of Twitter. I’m thrilled to have met you!

  • magpie

    August 6, 2008 at 9:31 pm

    You are too cool, Isabel.

  • jenB

    August 7, 2008 at 12:16 am

    You made me cry. You know how much I love you lady. I appreciate the sanctuary and place to be quiet and chat, when it was quiet.

  • Busy Mom

    August 7, 2008 at 9:59 am

    Loved it, thank you!
    And, totally wishing we had Berkeley Farms Yogurt here, now.
    And, thanks Method for my cool door prize!

  • Suburban Turmoil

    August 8, 2008 at 1:33 pm

    Honestly, the ReBoot Room was one of my favorite parts of the conference. I got to have REAL conversations there, conversations that didn’t involve shouting and 100 interruptions. Thank you so, so very much for doing that for all of us. It was a wonderful idea and you were such a lovely hostess. You made it look so easy, too. 🙂

  • Jenn

    August 8, 2008 at 6:31 pm

    The ReBoot room saved me. From the desperation when needing pizza to the glorious bliss of finding Diet Coke to the Sunday hangover helpers, it was so nice and so incredibly kind of you. (Not to mention the free wine I got when you had extra bottles!)
    I wish I had more time to talk to you and others and enjoy the quiet. You, my friend, are beautiful inside and out. I am glad we got to spend some time talking. You were an amazing hostess.
    (With awesome cupcakes!)
    Next year, plan on camping out there. 😉

  • heels

    August 12, 2008 at 2:54 pm

    Without a doubt this was one of the absolute highlights for me. And the boobie cupcakes were AWESOME. I’m just sorry I didn’t make it to the cheeseburger party.