I Never Knew I’d Have So Much to Say About Toilet Paper, Then I Had Kids

By Chris Jordan

I always hear people complain that their family members can’t seem to change the roll of toilet paper when it runs out. I don’t have that problem. It was solved the one time my head spun around in a full circle and pea soup spewed from my mouth, frightening my children into submission. I do have a different toilet paper problem, one for which I can’t manage to muster as much outrage. See for yourself…

Quiz: Do You Need to Simplify Your Life? (+ $300 TargetGift Card Sweepstakes)

By Wendi Aarons

If you have a computer, you of course know that online quizzes are everywhere these days. “Which Disney Princess Are You?” “Which 80’s Band Are You?” “Which Hot Dog Topping Are You?” Just to name a few. So in the spirit of these non-stop quizzes, here is our version. You won’t find out what Cat Breed you are, but you might learn how to keep your home more tidy and how to keep your life more fun.