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Five Great Backyard Birthday Party Themes

By Melissa Summers

I have vast amounts of envy for people who have children with summer birthdays. I have a late fall baby and an early spring baby, neither of these birthdays lend themselves to an outdoor party in our climate. If you’re reading this you have the luxury of planning an outdoor birthday party and I’m jealous. No expensive jaunt to the indoor bounce house place, germ-laden romp at the indoor arcade, or stressful house parties for you.
Here are five backyard party themes to inspire you.

Backyard Birthday Party ideas

The “Under The Big Top” circus theme is one of the most easily festive ideas for little kids. Here are some beautiful photos at Toast and Tables to get you inspired. With bright colors and easily recreated “Fair Games” this one is simple to pull off. Try a bean bag toss game and for really young kids a small tub of water filled with floating rubber ducks. Mark the bottom of the ducks with different shapes and give out small prizes that correspond to the shape. Playing down the clowns will assure you no one freaks out at the event.
Backyard Birthday Party ideas

This Messy Party would make my kids so happy and would make me a babbling lunatic, but sometimes you have to sacrifice to celebrate with your kids. Boston Mama’s gives you everything you need to get this party going with messy activities (cornstarch!) and messy party food. A beach towel party favor lets the guests get home without ruining the car!
Backyard Birthday Party ideas

Martha offers a Tee Off! mini golf party complete with plans to transform your backyard into a small course. A baking sheet with play sand becomes a “sand trap” and a cardboard gopher cheerfully marks the last hole. A lot of fun and much easier than trying to cart seven seven-year-olds to the mini golf course.
Backyard Birthday Party ideas

I’m not a fan of spending a ton of cash on birthday supplies but the Pottery Barn Kids Water Party Collection is a great source of inspiration for a water party in the back yard. You certainly don’t need a giant octopus sprinkler but you could have a pool, a sprinkler and the classic Slip and Slide. Add some squirt guns and water balloons and it’s a water party extravaganza in your backyard.
Backyard Birthday Party ideas

A Race Car Birthday Party would be great fun for the wheeled vehicle obsessed kid. The theme lends itself to lots of game and craft ideas at Family Fun. The race car relay with cardboard wearable race cars would be great fun, even after the party. Making vanity license plates as a craft during the party would make a great Non-Clutter party favor to go on a bike at home.
When planning a party for kids, keep “simple” in mind. The best birthday party my son attended this summer was a simple event held at a local park. The kids played on the equipment, ate cake and ice cream and then threw water balloons at each other. Simple ideas are really the best ideas.

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Melissa Summers
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Melissa Summers

Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.


Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.

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