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Last Minute Great Father’s Day Crafts!

By Melissa Summers

Hey! Last minute, again…at least I’m equally lazy when it comes to getting gifts or giving them.
I spent last night browsing some craft projects the kids could do for their dad to celebrate his awesome fathering capabilities on Sunday. Though, I tend to think of Father’s Day as a pageant, a Fatherhood Pageant. In fact I’d like to see these competitions held each year so we can all be dazzled by the Fathering these men can do. They could have a crown and a sash and everything.
Instead let’s get the kids to make something for dad and since today is the last day of school [painful weeping], goodness knows we’ll have plenty of time to whip up something or other.
bbqsauce.JPGI came across this idea at this little Father’s Day site. A site where you can create coloring pages for Father’s Day, I wonder if they have images of a dad about to have an aneurysm after stepping on yet another lego? Or a Dad fiercely determined not to stop and ask for directions? You know, true to life pages. No, instead they suggest bottling your favorite bbq sauce recipe and creating a custom label for it. Here is a favorite sauce we use at our house, perfect to go with the beer bottle container. To make the label have your kids create something, scan it resize and print on label stock.
catchall.jpgI have a fondness for small bowls and containers which hold things on tables and dressers. My husband has a fondness for small things which clutter up tables and dressers. I found this craft which the kids will love doing and Logan and I will enjoy using. These plaster cast catchalls are made with plaster of paris, a mold and some paint. It’s a little more involved but I’m including it because it’s so cute, besides you have until Sunday so get cracking.
dadframe.jpgI love getting picture frames as handmade gifts from my kids. They’re cute and usable, especially if the artist has taken their time and done their very best work. I have an artist in my home who has been known to conk out halfway through a project and call an undecorated piece of cardboard a ‘frame’. I think this DAD cutout frame is cute and easy to put together. What say the dads, are handmade picture frames the equivalent of a tie?
keykeeper.jpgThis gift reached through the screen and grabbed me by the face saying, “Have the kids make this for your husband so you can stop answering, ‘Have You Seen My Keys?'” This key holder is easy to make and instead of names each member of the family is represented by a wooden spoon replica. We might use actual photographs laminated, I haven’t decided yet.
date%20withdad.jpgI love when people give gifts which are really just gifts for themselves, still I like the idea of the Date With Dad card. Kids make a card, cut a slit in the paper and insert two tickets good for a fun Dad/Kid activity. Martha reminds young gift givers to think hard about what dad likes to do. I’ll likely have to help the kids with their outing ideas because I have a feeling Maddie might suggest a really “fun” for grown-ups trip to Build A Bear at the mall.

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Melissa Summers
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Melissa Summers

Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.


Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.

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