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There’s Still Time: Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids

By Isabel Kallman

Are you done with your gift buying or still looking for inspiration? I’m done for my kid, just need a little bit more inspiration for some other folks, so I thought why not share some things that I love for kids since it may still help some people out.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids

1. Tattly temporary tattoos are designed by cool indie artists and there’s a whole section for kids. They make great stocking-stuffers. I’m showcasing the Menagerie set here, but I also love Kitty. You have until December 18 to place a US order.

2. The LEGO Ideas Book is going under the tree for my 8-year old son. He loves to make new creations with our huge stash and this book provides directions and more importantly inspiration.

3. The Beamz player is also going under the tree. This is the “big gift” my son’s getting since it’s a real splurge. It’s an interactive music system that you hook up to your computer and can instantly play hundreds of instruments. We saw a demo at our local toy store and the user interface was very intuitive and my music-loving son flipped for it.

4. Sip-n-Spoon is another great stocking stuffer for the whole family, kids and adults alike. It’s a spoon and straw combo that lets you sip up your milk after you’re done with your cereal. I found out about it through blogger Swiss Miss and she recommends using it for ice cream sundaes… inspired!

5. The 3D Drawing Pad is so much fun. My son has one and it really does work!

6. Tegu Blocks is perfect if you’re looking for a really nice toy for preschoolers three and older as they are magnetic blocks. We have been recommending them since last year. They are definitely a splurge item but the larger set (52 pieces) in Mahogany is on sale at Gilt Kids for $110, down from $155. Act fast as limited quantities are available.

7. OgoDisk Sport Disk is another toy that my son loved this year. It’s two toys in one. You can fling the disk like a frisbee or bounce a ball back and forth. I like the smaller version which can be manipulated more easily by young hands.

8. Jishaku is a strategy game like checkers or chess, but on steroids because the “chips” are magnets. So yes, there’s strategy but also luck.  The goal is to get rid of your magnets as you place them on the carton.  But that’s really hard to do when others fly and attach to them.  Clearly this game is for older school-aged kids and I wouldn’t have it in the house with younger kids around or pets (too many very small magnetized pieces that could pose a dangerous swallowing risk– bah!).

Here are some links to past gift guides for kids: 2010 (part 1), 2010 (part 2), 2009 (part 1), 2009 (part 2), 2008 (part 1), 2008 (part 2).

Have a great holiday.



Isabel Kallman
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Isabel Kallman

Isabel Kallman is the founding mom of

Feel free to send nice emails to isabel[at]alphamom[dot]com.


Isabel Kallman is the founding mom of

Feel free to send nice emails to isabel[at]alphamom[dot]com.

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