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Haunted by frugal ghosts. (Best Halloween Cookies & Crafts)

By Melissa Summers

I have to admit that, aside from careful steering of my children away from overpriced and mostly disposable store-bought costumes, I really like Halloween as a holiday for kids. I think it’s a lot of fun so I thought today I’d look at some Halloween finds.

Bmonsterball.jpgSome people adore cute little cupcakes, but I have to admit, I’m a bigger fan of decorated sugar cookies. Eleni’s makes the most adorable sets in several styles for Halloween. The set is $65 and I keep trying to be less cheap but it’s somehow in my DNA I think. $65 on cookies? “Oh no, oh no no no no no no,” say my dead ancestors. “You get yourself some sugar and flour and you do it yourself young lady.” Please, make them stop talking to me.

halloweensalecookies.jpegRed Envelope is selling a nicely packaged set of cookies for just $19.99. Frosted in orange or white with a black cat. If you’re looking for cookies to give away, this might be a good option.
And still my ancestors, plague me, “Just mix up a batch of cookie dough for crying out loud.” This site has quite a few nice cookie cutters. Let your kids dump some sprinkles on it and you’ve got cookies and memories. Also, my cheap ancestors won’t haunt you.

spiderpop.gifEven easier than making cookies with your kids? Get some pipe cleaners, suckers and googly eyes, now you have…..Spiders! We made these last year to give to friends at school and they loved them. My kids are also incredibly happy when I do something like this with them because in general I let life get in the way of ‘projects’. But this one is quick, easy and cheap. Just like me! Wait….what?

Another good project to do with kids are these shrunken head apples at Kiddley. I know you can’t exactly give your kids a knife to do the carving, although I don’t know maybe your kids play with knives. Our kids can play with knives but only when they’re drinking vodka and playing with matches. If your kids don’t actually play with knives, you can have them ‘direct’ your carving, maybe even giving you a rough drawing of what they’d like and each of the other steps can be all kid-all the time.

ghosts.jpgThis project, making fabric stand alone ghosts, is the kind of thing I really have the desire to do, but I am wise enough to know what I really want is my husband to do it. A lot like mowing the lawn, it would be great to have it done but honestly? It’s just better for everyone’s limbs if Logan does it. Same thing for these witch window silhouettes. I love the idea, but don’t have the patience for it.

I have more treats to share later this week, but I’m wondering does anyone else have any little treats or decorations they like to do at halloween? Or am I the only one who’s eyeing this Jell-o mold and feeling a little tingly with the possibilities?

I am aren’t I?

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Melissa Summers
About the Author

Melissa Summers

Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.


Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.

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  • For my daughter’s Daisy troop I had the girls use the attached recipe for salt dough ghosts and we made ghosts and pumpkins and snakes. They had a blast. We also took brown grocery bags (that I cut handles in) and decorated them so they could take them out trick or treating.

  • These ghost cans are fun and very easy to make. You can use them to give a special treat to friends’kids, grandkids, etc. They also make great votive holders for porches or walk-ways. Take some clean dry cans (soup or vegetables) and paint the outside white. Drill or punch 2 holes for the twine handle. Then let your kids draw on the faces with magic markers.

  • Sarah

    I love the Spider Pop idea! I plan to make them with my kids. I am a single mom that works full time and I love to send little treats to school for their friends. With so little spare time on our hands, I have become a huge fan of Phillsbury ready to bake Halloween cookies. They are super kid friendly & all I have to do is supervise the baking!

  • Melanie

    I like the spider pops for a Halloween party favor. Family Fun had these awesome frozen pudding eyeballs, too, they just looked so gross. I want to make those! And of course costume-making is a good project…

  • I have the brain mold and it is too cool. In fact, I will be making a brain tonight to take along to a costumed gathering tomorrow.