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Kid’s Room Inspiration: Five Great Ideas

By Melissa Summers

We’ve decided to stay in our home for another year and so we’ll be finishing up the kid’s rooms. For the past year each of the kids have had one big square of the color they’d like on the wall. When people come over they ask if we’re painting. I like to look at them confused and answer “No, why?” Ha! Lazy home decorator humor!
Here’s a collection of five great ideas I’ve had stored in my bookmarks.
ideas for kids rooms
Check out this recreation of the Kura loft bed from Ikea. From Ikea Hacker:

Luke got a Kura bed for his young daughter Letty. However he hated the blue panels on it. So he flipped the panels the other way round so the white sides were facing out and then used aerosol chalkboard paint to turn the tall end into a chalkboard for her.

ideas for kids rooms
I love this DIY nursery art idea. Using three paper mache art boards, paint, paper and ribbon Evie created this really striking art for nursery walls. I think I can use this idea in my daughter’s room too, provided I use the right images. Which, in her opinion should be photos of The Jonas Brothers.
ideas for kids rooms
Another excellent DIY idea for the walls is this poster size print at Black Eiffel framed as four separate images hung together. This would be cute in a kid’s room or even in other rooms in the house with pictures of your kid (s). Since my kid’s aren’t babies anymore, I could see using pictures of them with their best pals or a family photo instead.
ideas for kids rooms
The other thing I love is kid’s bedroom eye candy. Anna Spiro at Absolutely Beautiful Things has this great collection of ideas. My favorite pick above. I especially love the collection of Pez dispensers displayed on the wainscoting along with the great vintage red school chairs.
ideas for kids rooms
Even more inspiration can be found over at House To Home’s kid’s room inspiration gallery. This room particularly caught my eye because of my little girl’s insistence on a room involving fucshia and orange. These are colors I never exactly imagined together and I fear the combination will radiate right through the wall into my bedroom and I’ll never sleep again. I like how the white balances out the intensity of the accent colors.

Now to convince my daughter this is all her idea.


Melissa Summers
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Melissa Summers

Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.


Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.

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  • chriss

    When you want to do your daughters room, head to Lowe’s and get Wall Pops. They are vinyl stickers for walls (can remove!!). I used hot pink and orange solids and dots for my daughter!!

  • Hi Melissa,
    Pez dispensers displayed on the wainscoting and vintage red school chairs are nice. I loved the little girl’s room involving fucshia and orange colors. I plan to have the same kind of room for my little daughter.
    Thanks for posting.