The Epiphanie Bags: the real “IT” bag of the moment




Mama photographers with their Epiphanie bags (photo by Tracey Clark)

Even though the gals at Shopafrolic tell us that the Valentino Denim Petal Tote is the “It” bag this season (and yes it is highly covetable with a faint-worthy price tag), my radar is telling me otherwise.

All my mama friends across the country are going all teenageer over the newly released Epiphanie Bags. And, apparently they are flying out the door. On the outside the Epiphanies look like any other stylish handbag you would find at a high-end boutique or department store In fact, it reminds me of classic Coach. (My personal fave is the gorgeous red Lola bag pictured above and below in detail). But inside, the pocket placement and padding is that of a professional camera bag.


We saw the diaper bag have its big makeover several years ago and it’s about time some genius combined functionality and style in photo bags. Well done, Epiphanie.

These beauties retail for $164.99 and my mama photographer friends have been squealing with delight as their bags arrive via their online orders.

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5 Responses to “The Epiphanie Bags: the real “IT” bag of the moment”

  1. Liz@thisfullhouse Mar 11 at 9:53 am Reply Reply

    Niiiiiice…all I need now is a Epiphanie-worthy camera 😉

  2. I have that one and I am absolutely smitten!
    Isabel: so happy to hear. and not surprised. you’re one of the cool kids. 😉

  3. Megan Mar 12 at 12:37 pm Reply Reply

    Thank you so much for this adorable picture of the four of you. Could we have more pictures?

    *yup.. I just squeed) 😉
    *yup.. I just squeed) 😉
    <3 you lady

  5. Sally Sloley Mar 16 at 10:55 pm Reply Reply

    Want! Need! Must have!

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