Some news to enjoy with your leftovers.



Happy Day-After-Thanksgiving, Wonderland readers! I’m taking the day off from news-seeking to recover from multiple servings of turducken. That’s right: we had meats crammed into other meats. Somehow, we all survived.
Here are some current news items to tide you over until next week.
FDA wants warnings on flu drugs for kids. Apparently Tamiflu can cause neurological problems. Sigh.
Surgeons remove ten-pound hairball from girl’s stomach. Well!
Babies learn to tell a friend from foe before they can talk. That’s right. You think you’re fooling them, but the babies are onto you.
Cyclical vomiting transient in most kids. Okay, so I didn’t even know “cyclical vomiting” was a diagnosis, and now I do, and I wish I didn’t. Oh well, at least it’s transient.
Panda super couple is super fertile. Who doesn’t want to read about baby pandas?

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3 Responses to “Some news to enjoy with your leftovers.”

  1. diane s Nov 25 at 6:28 pm Reply Reply

    I’m just so jealous that you had turducken!

  2. Karen Vogel Nov 26 at 7:34 am Reply Reply

    Cyclical vomiting? Is that a physical aversion to exercise bikes? Or is that the tendency of our family to contract an entirely brand new (and improved!) stomach virus each and every month?

  3. Scout's honor Dec 30 at 1:34 pm Reply Reply

    With New Year’s resolutions coming up upon us, perhaps the hair diet is for me. I am still amazed she could eat 10 lbs. of hair.

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